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Bond18 It has been a long five months. I left Melbourne on April 10th and got back at about 6am this morning, after leaving Macau early because I didn’t feel like playing the high rollers event and am generally not particularly fond of the city of Macau. I had a very nice trip to Macau this time around even though I had no luck in either event, but when I busted the APPT main event I found myself longing for Australia so badly I just wanted out.

I had planned to move to Dubai right after Macau, but due to a number of factors that plan has been put on hiatus. I hope to go there for upwards of a month sometime around March instead. I must say that as stoked as I was at the idea of living in Dubai, I’m even gladder to be back in Melbourne at the moment.

Returning home is no time to rest though. I spent my morning looking for apartments in Southbank, right near Crown casino and city center. I spoke to my friend “AndyMcLeod” today and suggested that I get a two bedroom place with him here in Melbourne since I think we could both have a healthy impact on each other and he agreed, though he’ll need to go back and forth from Adelaide a fair bit due to family commitments. My plan for the week is to lock down an apartment at either Freshwater Place or Eureka Tower with a view of the central business district skyline (something I have always wanted) and a balcony for my smoking purposes. After that I’ll call an internet company and tell them I need their fastest possible connection in the apartment immediately. Getting an apartment as a professional poker player is a bitch, so I simply walked into the office today and told them I’m a writer, I need an apartment for six months, and I’ll pay for the entire rent up front since I cannot prove consistent income. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any units exactly to my specification at that agency.

A workaholic ambition burns in my veins like nothing I’ve felt in a long time. All I can think about is playing poker sixty-plus hours a week, working out constantly, and writing. I’ll use my week before the WCOOP to adjust my sleep schedule and watch training videos of as many tournament players as I can, on top of beginning to finish the Around the World blog. I have nothing to stop me from my obsessions here in Australia; no responsibilities, no job, no family, no girlfriend, no desire to go out, and although I have friends my constant time away prevents me from ever being close. And I have a suspicion that after half a year of that life style all of a sudden I’ll feel bored and start wondering what the world holds for me all over again…


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