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Bond18 I get numerous requests for coaching a week. Interestingly, I get requests for coaching on a number of different subjects; poker, women, writing, fitness, etc. For a long time I said no to basically everyone, claiming that I was too busy and flaky to make a proper commitment as a coach (which was true.) However, as I put in my last entry I'm going to be staying home for a very long time and focusing on being productive, so I've decided it's something I want to get into.

However, instead of being a simple poker coach I'll be offering a number of services. You can hire me as a coach on basically anything you want, but the things I feel qualified teaching are:
1. Tournament poker
2. Meeting women
3. Travel
4. Style, men's fashion/grooming
5. Working out, dieting

I hadn't really thought of myself as a writing coach (I don't think I'm a very good technical writer), but I just got a request for it so I might as well. I've recently purchased some literature on improving my writing, so hopefully that helps. Also, I don't think I'm particularly qualified to give people thorough work out/diet advice at the moment, but I think after the next couple months of working hard and doing a lot of reading I'll be in better form for that.

I've decided to set the starting rate at $300 an hour. That's definitely high, but lots of guys are charging in that area and most of them are offering poker only coaching. Basically, you can hire me for an hour of time and you get to talk about whatever you want during it. If you want for us to both get stoned and shoot the shit, hey, it's your money. Yes, I'm willing to break that up into smaller amounts of time. If you think what you have will only take a half hour or 10 minutes, that's no problem.

When it comes to poker coaching, we'll mostly conduct it by doing HH reviews with universal replayer and using a screen sharing problem so that we can discuss them at length in real time. I'll also refer people to articles and posts I think they should read, and am happy to just field questions for as long as they like. Additionally, I want it to be known that numerous people can buy the same hour. If you and two friends want to each pay $100 an hour for us four to get on skype and review one of your HH's, that's fine by me. There's no limit how many people can be on the skype chat, but the more there the less personalized it becomes.

I won't start doing this heavily until after the Aussie Millions in late January. For now I just want to build a client list, but if you really want to get this done soon I'm sure that I can accommodate you, though not until I'm back home in Melbourne on December 6th. I'd recommend getting a hold of me via PM on 2+2, or on facebook.

I'm normally awake from around 10am to 1am in Australia, which is 5pm to 8am central in the US, though the first eight hours of my day are normally spent playing. If I get enough interest I'll probably start taking one day off a week just to coach, likely Sunday in Australia which is Saturday in the states, a night with little tournament action and where many people are probably free. You can pretty much PM me about when you're available and we can discuss things and set up an appropriate time.


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