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Tiger Woods isn't a sex addict, he's just retarded

Bond18 I never liked Tiger Woods. I never disliked him either, as far as I was concerned he wasn't interesting enough to feel strongly about. I was always a John Daly fan; a big fat guy who crushed the ball, smoked on the course, drank and gambled all night, dated a Hooters waitress, wrote a tell all book, and despite his flaws was just so lovably human. Sure Woods could win every golf tournament imaginable, but nothing about his personality or style was particularly engaging. As we all know, it turns out Tiger Woods was a lot more interesting than we gave him credit for. Too bad he's a lying, sell out piece of shit.

Some might think that I might have some sympathy for Woods given my lifestyle choices. And sure, I can understand the desire to sleep around, which would be particularly hard to resist were you a rich and famous sports star. But I have no sympathy for Woods, only scorn and vitriol. Woods is the kind of guy that gives ladies men their often deserved bad name, a liar and cheat who will risk anything and everything to get off. What truly disgusts me about Woods though, is what a colossal fucking sell out he is. They call him the billion dollar sportsman, and we all know he would have never got that kind of money had he been out in the open about his drug use and girl chasing. No, had he been that kind of guy with his golf talent he only would have earned several hundred million dollars, because a sponsorship from Playboy and Trojan doesn't pay quite as well as Buick and Nike. Lord knows you just can't live the appropriate baller lifestyle on nine figures. He could have been himself though, instead of lying to his family, his fans, and all the people that looked up to him.

If Woods had been open (and not married) about how he rolls the guy would have been my hero. A dude who takes drugs, sleeps with loads of women, then rocks up in the morning fresh and proceeds to be crush everyone else would be just so epic. I'd have posters of him on my wall and write him fan mail asking him how it's done, how to balance it all at once. Instead he constructed an elaborate web of lies which covered, as far as we can tell, his entire personal life. Now he's claiming to be a "sex addict", because apparently, he isn't tired of insulting the public's intelligence just yet. With incredibly rare exceptions, "sex addiction" is what men who get caught being men like to claim to gain sympathy when they simply don't have the balls to own up to their horny behavior. Given what I've seen in the poker industry, if every guy who routinely cheated on his wife or girlfriend were a sex addict then the vast majority of the industry is badly in need of professional help.

Fuck Tiger Woods and the Buick that coward rode in on. Daly for the win!
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