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Aussie Millions Event 1, You Only Donk Twice

Bond18 I played the first event of the Aussie Millions twice. Much like the Poker News Cup before it, the event was a "repecharge" where players are allowed to play day 1a or 1b and if they bust they can replay it again on day 1c, which was also open to new entrants as well. The end result was an opening event with over 1100 entrants and $1.1 million in the pool at it's $1100 buy in. Hopefully a good sign of field sizes to come.

The second attempt is easily explained. I was a couple orbits late getting into the tournament since I bought in the morning and there was a substantial line awaiting me when I arrived. I folded the first hand with 97o on the BB the first hand I was dealt in, and on the second I looked down at kings:

My stack: ~9,500
Button: ~10,000
I hold KdKc in the SB. Blinds 50/100

Button was an older regular at Crown who is friendly towards me and familiar with the idea that I'm a thinking pro. I didn't remember anything particularly relevant about his play going into the hand.

Preflop: Folds around to the button who raises to 350, I reraise to 1050, BB folds, button calls.

Flop: T 8 3 rainbow
I bet 1600, button calls.

Turn: 2
I bet 3500, button shoves, I call, button shows 88 for a set and I button my jacket.

River: J

I shook hands and wished everyone luck. The hand looks pretty standard, but it made me wonder what I would do with QQ or JJ in that spot. I can't think bet/calling JJ vs someone like him is correct, QQ it's starting to become close. I talked to Jarred about it and he feels JJ is a check/hope for check then value bet river, and QQ is close depending on the read of how wide he'll get it in. Either way, I'm always thrilled to bust immediately in an event without having done anything retarded since I have a whole day to enjoy afterward, as opposed to lasting 9 hours of play and busting 20 minutes before the end such as the day before. I'll never understand those who mope about after busting an event, there's plenty more to be had (although if they're playing above their bankroll I can see where it comes from.) I see it as having the rest of the day off work!

The first day was more interesting. Near immediately I got AK in for 7,500 of my 9,500 chips against AJ at 100/200 blinds and watched a J fall to cripple my stack. After that I won a flip with A8o over a CO raise with 66 and got back a bit above 4000. Then I got a gift:

My stack :~4,000
UTG+1: ~15,000
Blinds 100/200 with 25 ante. I hold 9h3h in the BB.

Preflop: UTG folds, UTG+1 calls for 400, it folds to me in the BB, I check.

Flop: Ac 9s 7h
I check, UTG+1 checks.

Turn: 7c
I bet 325, UTG+1 calls.

River: 9c
I bet 1000, UTG+1 shoves, I snap, UTG+1 tables Qc8c quite quickly and I take down the pot.

After that I faced a limper with 16 BB's in the BB with AJdd, made it 4X and got called (I think shoving is a viable option too.) The flop came J T 4 with a flush draw and when I bet he raised me all in, leading to an instant call. He tabled QJo and when he didn't three out me I suddenly had some breathing room again.

Very little happened for some time after that and when 400/800 75 rolled around I found myself with 8,500 in MP2 and A7o. I shoved it in and the woman with 10,000 in the BB made the call with KsQs. I got out of my chair; KQ never loses.

Flop: Kd Qs 3s

Turn: Ad

"Three ball" I said confidently.

River: 3c

And with the arrival of that card the table broke into laughter except the woman who had caught the horrible runner runner. I shrugged and sat down. Tournament poker is so ridiculous to watch sometimes.

I ran my double up all the way to 26,000 before I played another relevant hand, with PokerNews reporter and globe trotter Gary who took a day off from behind the computer to play with us donks:

My stack: ~26,000
UTG: ~40,000
Blinds 600/1200 with 100 ante. I hold KcKd on the button.

Preflop: Gary raises to 300 UTG, folds around to me, I call, both blinds fold.

Flop: Jd 3d Jh
Gary bets 3600, I decide that with the flush draw out I think a shove represents the widest range since I can have draws, mid pairs, and he probably expects me to flat a jack. I move all in and he calls very quickly with TcTd.

Turn: 6d

River: 9h

A few hands later I raise up A5o in late position to 3000, get shoved on for about 6000 total by QQ, and promptly bink an ace on the river when I make the inevitable call. After that I open the now increased 800/1600 blinds to 3800, get shoved on for 12k by A6o, and have the board run out a continually hilarious K 9 8 4 3; a gigantic dodge for the chop. By the time I stopped winning constant pots and running hot in pre flop confrontations I had my stack up to 110,000. Unfortunately, after that the structure caught up to me.The blinds got up to 1000/2000 and I lost every hand I played to the tune of 30,000 and none of them got past the flop. I tried one light three bet while I was 100k deep with a guy on the button vs his HJ raise and quickly got a gigantic four bet, a poor result to my only three bet pre flop all day if I recall correctly. At the 1200/2400 level I played my first relevant hand:

My stack: ~65,000
BB: ~70,000
Blinds 1200/2400 with 200 ante. I hold Kh9h on the CO.

Preflop: Folds around to me, I raise to 6600 (big bigger than I wanted to raise), folds to BB, BB calls.

Flop: Jc Tc 4h
BB checks, I check.

Turn: Kd
BB checks 9000, I call.

River: 6h
BB checks, I value bet 15,700, BB shoves, I puke and fold.

Not long after that I shipped KQ in MP2 for 36,600 with the HJ sitting out and promptly ran into AK on the CO. I never hit the Q and with 20 minutes left in the day I had busted what was once a huge stack not to mention an entire day of my time. Luckily I was invited to a BBQ that night full of drunk Middle Easterner's where a very friendly drug dealer gave me his weed grinder when I remarked how cool it was, then we all got pissed and had a good time. The two weeks away from the diet are very enjoyable.

Sunday was a very fun day when I ran into Ansky from 2+2 and wound up in a pick up football game with him and the boys from two months two million. I can't even remember the last time I played American football and it was a thrill I've missed sorely. The group is down here doing a number of seminars and playing regularly, and everyone seems really nice and down to earth. A group of his hit Rockpool for dinner, which for all is excellence in quality sure does take forever as a dining experience. Looking forward to more football.

I did very little today except run about town looking to chat up women and getting rained on instead then hit the gym. I wound up chatting up one of the girls playing in the tennis tournament in the hallways of crown from the States. She was really nice and absolutely gorgeous, so hopefully she runs hot in the tournament. Big fail on getting her number though. My boy Luckychewy is coming down very soon and I can't wait to run about town with him again like we did in Vegas. Since there's no relevant event tomorrow and the weather is shit I'll just play online, then play the bounty event on Wednesday. Looking forward to it.


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