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great site


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You made the site so much easier to maneuver. Colors are much better and the overall design is superior.
As usual, good job.


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Great new look, good job!


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Looks good!


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Commerce Freeroll, Bike Cash games and upcoming LA Poker Classic

lakong Haven't been playing much poker lately. I've been pretty busy on the new tworags design, which should go up today, and some other projects. I did manage to play a few cash games and the 97.1 charity event at the Commerce. That was a really fun event. You can read Edmond's hilarous write-up of it here..

Our friends at the Bike, John and Dave, invited us to the club for this freeroll. It was a really fast structure, but lots of fun. In the first orbit or so Dave came around and threw a $50 itunes card into the middle to the person who won the next pot. Of course I played my 94o for a small raise and saw the flop 6 ways. When the 9 high board hit, I was quickly all-in and everyone folded. Sweet! Got busted soon thereafter, which was pretty much my plan. I was most interested in heading downstairs for some $5/10 NL action. Nothing too special to report. Lots of straightforward hands and 3-4 hours later I was up $1000. Not too bad.

We were at the Bike two weeks ago meeting with their great staff regarding a cool venture between tworags and the Bike. Nothing has been set in stone yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when we have something to report. Edmond and I played some $2/5 NL for a few hours. Had a few so, so hands and a little bad luck. Lost about $350 during the session, no big deal. There was one hand that Ed questioned.

Don't recall the exact details, but basically I had QQ and made a standard raise from the SB. The flop came low and I bet about 1/2 - 2/3rds of the pot with two players left to act. They both called. The turn came so that 98 would have made a straight. Other than that there were no clear hands other than sets that had me beat. I led out close to a pot sized bet. The first guy called and the 2nd guy raised all-in. At that point I probably should have folded, but it was only $100 or so more (am I right about that Ed?) so I was getting over 3-1 to call. It was likely that I was drawing dead, but I felt that the guy could have had top pair and a draw or a JJ/TT and felt that I was on a draw or would fold. Anyway, I didn't hate my call, but it was probably not good. He did make the straight. The other guy had JJ. Ed felt that I should have check-folded. I disagree. What are you going to do?

Looking forward to playing a few of the LA Poker Classic Events next month at the Commerce. Should be a lot of fun. Here's the schedule if you haven't yet seen it.

Let us know what you think of the new site. It should be up by the time you're reading this.

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