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Andy (Anonymous) says

Hey Bond.... Great read as always...when will your content be switching to ftp and im guessin u wil provide a link? will it still be blog orientented content or article style? big fan
gl on the tables


cantdance (Anonymous) says

Hi Bond, I'm wondering about hand 92 where you raise KK in early, bet a caller from the blind and then check behind on a A24 two-suits flop. Is this check standard in this spot? Why no c-bet?


Ben Dover (Anonymous) says

ran extremely quads nd straight flush both heads up 2, sick.


s0stndrd says

congratulations on the score tony!


Bond18 says


Yea the content for those 90 days will be linked from here. They haven't created the web page yet but it will pretty much be in the same blog style except I'll actually have things going on to write about instead of scraping for material.


Normally when you get an Axx high flop after raising KK you check. This is because betting at this point accomplishes nothing, you can't gain value from a worse hand and you can't push out a better hand. We also have showdown value and worse hands might bluff us, plus it provides pot control for attempting to value bet later streets if the villain checks back and we feel we have the best hand.


cantdance (Anonymous) says

Thanks for the reply! I guess I tend to bet in this spot even though I realize what you say is true, because I'm afraid of being put under pressure if I check, so I kind of want to get it over with and if I get called I usually give up. So here, in this particular spot, say after you check, he bets 3/4-pot turn, I guess you call, and then if he bets sth on river you call again?

Also, could you perhaps give links to some of your other hhs? Was very instructive to watch this one, would really appreciate it.



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Sundays are pleasant and in no way suicide inducing

Bond18 As I’ve said before, I have forever given up waking up early on a Sunday to force myself to play, even if that means missing the quarterly $1050 million on Pokerstars. I wanted to have a calm, well rested Sunday for once, so I smoked a joint around 11pm and was asleep by 12:15 with a 10am wake up time.

I registered for everything from the Sunday Mulligan through the late night Tilt $50 rebuys which goes off a half hour after the $109 6 max and $109 full ring on stars. I probably played close to 25 tournaments on the day, but because I got enough sleep felt good the whole way through. The first result of the day came in the 30k guarantee $200 buy in on Bodog where I finished 3rd for about $3,700, which was more than enough to pay for the whole days worth of entries.

However, the most interesting result of the day came in the Stars $22 rebuys. At the 2000-4000 level with 400 ante I lost a blind verse blind pot and was down to 900 chips. I thought it was one ante at the time, then realized I had paid one, so in actuality it was two. I of course went all in the next hand, which I won to put me up to a little over one big blind. I then waited for any hand with showdown value and got it in again, which I won again. Things continued like this until I found myself with a sizeable stack a few rounds later. I came into the final table as one of the short stacks, but ran good at the right moments and got heads up against a pretty bad player at a 3 to 1 deficit. It didn’t take long to reverse that standing, and after continuing to apply pressure and move in pre flop, I sucked out his AK on the river to take down the tournament, coming all the way back from 2 antes. That was pretty much one of the craziest things I’ve ever had happen to me in my poker career, and I’ve uploaded the hand history which can be watched here:

You have to make a log in to watch the video, but you don’t have to sign up or pay for anything at PXF. The hand I go down to 2 antes is number 260.

In preparation for the upcoming trip I have to go sort a number of bureaucratic details out with my permanent residency and visa status. On Friday I went down to the city and went to the immigration office to ask them about what needs to get done before I can leave the country. The immigration office is full of people who look like their having the worst day of their lives, exhausted and unshaven, like they just got thrown out of the drunk tank after a weekend long bender. The lines are enormous and with the bell that constantly calls out “NOW SERVING ‘A’..ONE FIFTY FOUR” you wonder what the suicide rate of the employees listening to it 40 hours a week is. Luckily the issue I have with them is given its own specific office away from the insanity, and I was in and out within 15 minutes. My case has been assigned a case worker and apparently after getting him the necessary documents I won’t have to worry about leaving the country and being banned for 3 years.

Meanwhile Pokerstars finally came out to announce that APPT will not start up until August, a detail to which I was aware of already but didn’t want to publicize since a friend who works with Stars told me and I’m not sure how big a secret it was supposed to be. Thank God for his heads up, otherwise I’d be sitting here writing emails to everyone at the APPT full of threats for having blown my chance to go to Europe. All I need now is confirmation from Party Poker that I do indeed have my seat reserved and to transfer them the $12,500 I am moving into the Party account. If for some disastrous reason that falls through I’ll be doing a schedule that includes the New Zealand Champs, the Melbourne Champs, LAPT San Jose, and Las Vegas, though it makes for a pretty pathetic ‘around the world’ trip. Hopefully everything gets sorted with Party though and the intended trip is on in full swing. You never know though, so I haven’t bought any plane tickets yet.

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