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Five interesting recent live hands: Results!

Bond18 I apologize for having gotten so lazy about finishing up this post. I wish I had a more appropriate excuse but no, I’ve just been a lazy fuck lately when it comes to writing. So without further delay, let’s get into it:

1. Aussie Millions $2200 AUD 6 max “preliminary” event. Start bank 10,000.
Villain is roughly 35 and Aussie. He's been on table about 15 minutes, not really aggro or really nity, but seems like a sort of random standard live player. Haven't seen him play post flop much, we haven't been involved yet. He's min raised numerous times pre flop before.

I've been fairly card dead since his arrival and haven't been very involved. I lost most of my stack in small medium pots leading up to that.

My stack: ~5500
CO: ~6000
Button: ~20,000
Blinds 75/150. I hold A T in the BB.

Preflop: Folds to the CO, CO raises to 300, button calls, SB folds, I call.

Flop: 5 A 5 (Pot 975)
I check, CO thinks breifly and checks, button bets 1000, I call, CO thinks a bit again and calls.

Turn: T (Pot 3975)
I check, CO shoves for 4800, button folds, I?

Results: I thought it over for quite a while and figured a lot of his range would be an ace with a good club and that it would be dumb to open jam a good flush and since he raised preflop I don’t think there were too many low clubs in his range. I made the call and he showed me KcQc and I felt like the dumb one. That’s how live players roll though. I posted the hand on 2+2 and although numerous players agreed with my read many others said we should fold, most of their logic being “It’s live.” That’s not bad logic in these spots.

2. Auckland high rollers event. It got 2 tables and was a buy in of roughly $6000 USD. Most players are good.

Villain in this hand is mid-high stakes online cash player Josh Egan. Not sure what his online name is. We haven't played before but we've chatted and we're both aware that the other is a good thinking player. We haven't been too involved yet as it's pretty early.

My stack: ~20,000
Josh: ~20,000
Blinds 100/200. I hold Q Q on an 8 handed table on the HJ.

Preflop: UTG calls, MP1 folds, MP2 calls, I raise to 1025, CO folds, button folds, SB folds, BB calls, UTG calls, MP2 calls.

Flop: 2 8 9 (Pot 4200)
Three checks to me, I bet 2600, folds back to Josh in the BB, Josh calls.

Turn: 6 (Pot 9400)
Josh leads 4500, hero?
If you continue what's your plan depending on the river?

Results: I really felt like a lot of his range was draws and that if he had something big like a set or two pair he’d be checkraising the flop. I made the call on the turn unsure what my plan was on the river if it bricked off but intending to fold if it was a club. The river was a brick and Josh tanked for quite a while then checked. I checked behind and he showed AcJc.

3. Aussie Millions $1100 Turbo event prelim (okay technically post lim but w/e.) The blinds aren't turbo, it simply means players have 20 seconds to make their decision.

I'm at a fairly new table. On the first hand two players in MP limped for 150 to me on the button. I raised to 750 and when it folded back to the second limper he limp reraises to 3500 and i folded (we were about 7k effective.) He then showed 22. That's my only history with him, and the rest of the time at the table he's played fairly normal and accumulated well. He's a youngish guy, i'd guess mid 20's, and while I'm not sure I think he might be Euro, but I have no idea what kind.

The BB in this hand is a huge mega donk station that does a TON of calling. I would imagine the probable Euro is aware of this having played with him for a while. Giant station.

My stack: ~8k
CO: ~ 15k
BB: ~12k

Blinds 100/200. I hold T 9 on the button.

Preflop: Folds to MP1, MP1 limps for 200, folds to CO, CO limps, I limp on the button, SB completes, BB checks.

Flop: K T 9 (Pot 1000)
Checks around to me, I bet 800, SB folds, BB calls, MP1 folds, CO quickly calls.

Turn: 3 (Pot 3400)
BB checks, CO checks, I bet 2100, BB calls, CO calls.

River: 7 (Pot 9700)
BB checks, CO leads 6500, hero?

Results: I folded the river as did the BB. Although very little makes sense in his value betting range, very little makes sense in his bluff range as well. I figured especially with his knowing what a huge donk the BB was he probably wasn’t going to try and bluff us both. We’ll never know. The consensus on 2+2 when I posted the hand was that the river fold is fine but I need to bet the turn bigger.

4. Sydney APPT Grand Final High rollers event, 15k AUD buy in (about 10k USD.) 37 entrants with 6 paying. We're quite a few hours into the action but the structure is very slow so we're all quite deep. I've recently moved tables and wound up on the right of Chad Brown. I've developed a pretty aggressive image since sitting down and have open raised many pots. No major history between us two, I think he might have folded to a C bet in one hand, maybe raised another in a different one.

My stack: ~73,000
Chad: ~50,000
Blinds: 250/500 with 50 ante. I hold 4 4 on the CO.

Preflop: Folds to me, I raise to 1400, Chad calls, both blinds fold.

Flop: Q 4 2 (Pot 3950)
I bet 2000, Chad raises to 6000, Hero raises to 16000, Chad calls.

Turn: 6 (Pot 35,950)
Hero thinks briefly then shoves,

Prefer any other route of getting value here?
Results: When I posted the hand there was a debate between whether betting 16k or shoving the turn was better. Opinions seemed roughly split. Either way Chad folded on the turn.
5. APPT Grand Final High rollers event (15k AUD, bout 10k USD.)

Open raiser is Jarred Graham aka Try_an_Hit on 2+2
Button is online cash player Andrew Pantling. I'm told he wins at mid-high cash online over a large sample, and plays and speaks in a manner that suggests that to be accurate.

Jarred has been quite aggressive with open raises and I've been 3 betting him often. Andrew is also quite aggressive but one thing I've noticed is he tends to call reraises considerably more wide than tournament players, though the hands I've seen that in are nearly entirely in heads up pots.

My stack: ~36,000
Jarred: ~80,000
Andrew: ~90,000
Blinds 300/600 with 75 ante. I hold J J on the CO.

Preflop: Folds to Jarred on the HJ, Jarred raises to 1600, I reraise to 4600, Andrew thinks for a while then flat call, both blinds fold, Jarred folds.

Flop: 3 9 5 (Pot 12300)

Results: I think this was the toughest spot of the five. When I got to the flop I really though the decision was between check/fold and check-raise all in. Check/call feels awkward to me particularly since I’ll have invested ball park 40% of my stack once we reach the turn. I don’t like bet/folding because he can show up with hearts that semi bluff and may sometimes have a under pair that winds up bluffing me out if he elects to shove the flop. What I really needed to think over was whether Andrew really flats too wide pre flop to the reraises. I decided from his play he probably was flatting a bit too wide and check shoved over his roughly 8k bet. He tanked for quite a while then made the call with 88 and I held to get back in the tournament.

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