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A disappointing Sunday, but not one without hope

So I decided to give it a full Sunday schedule today. Started at 1 PM (Central) with the $109r on Stars and the $240 knockout/warmup/I'm-not-sure-what-they-call-it on Full Tilt, and just ended with a 7th-place finish in the afternoon 11r-- I came in 3rd in chips and proceeded to lose all three pots I played.

So with that and a 150-something finish in the million as my only cashes on the day, I can call my day disappointing-- holding the promise of bigger paydays only to leave me short yet again-- but at the same time, I have reason to feel positive about my play. I avoided major mistakes and got value in good spots, and evaluated situations accurately (or at least I felt that way in retrospect). I also started noticing mistakes I was making as I played, and I think I did a good job of plugging them as I went along. This says good things about both my ability to objectively evaluate my play and to keep focused for long periods of time. I feel like it will get better the more I play-- which is good because I'll be spending the next month or so warming up for the WSOP.

Not much else to report at this time. I'll be putting in more and more volume as the month goes on so hopefully something good (both writingwise and in terms of cash money.)

Even "normal" life isn't that normal

Well, April has been, among other things, hectic and bizarre, so if you're wondering why I haven't written in a long time, you'll have your answer soon.

The end of March and early April was spent locating and moving into our new house. The short version of this story is that I've been looking to settle back into Houston for a few months now-- I've had no real permanent home for a long while, and wanted a day-to-day life that was more stable and where I spent more time with my friends. With some luck and some work, I landed a house I had my eye on and moved in with a couple of friends. It's beautiful, in my part of town, and not too expensive (although furnishing it hasn't been particularly cheap).

Of course, this would be taking up enough of my time until now weren't it also for the series of absurd events I encountered. I got two flat tires after I returned from Seattle, and then I had a week where, in succession, my laptop was stolen, I was hit by a car while on foot, and I got a third flat tire.

I'm okay. (I weather storms well.) But I haven't had time for anything, and unfortunately, "anything" included playing the Five Star and WPT Championship at Bellagio. I had to cancel those plans; I'm going to have to wait until the World Series to play live again, probably. Too much to do and not enough time (not to mention I would have needed a few days of rest for my body and mind before going out there). In the meantime, I expect to play online and spend more of my free time working on a couple of poker-related projects. (There's always something on my plate, and I never have time to finish it all. I'm the guy who goes to buffets and accidentally gets three times more than he can eat because it all looks so good.)

I've dabbled in a little online play the last couple of weeks but haven't gotten back to seriously playing. That'll change once I finish setting up the new house and my office area. How domestic of me.

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