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fun hand from LAPC $545

This hand was against the man who doubled me up with the 77 vs. my JJ.

Let me set up the action with an earlier hand:

Blinds 25/50, pot is five or even six ways. Flop is 4h 7d 8d; SB (the young / predictable kid with the kings earlier) bets out 250, and the man from the last hand calls. Turn is 2c; check/check. River is offsuit J; check/225, and SB thinks a bit, grumbling, finally calling and being shown Jd Td.

Now onto the hand I played:

50/100. He open limps (I believe he was CO at this point). SB completes and I check K2cc. Flop is A55 rainbow. Checked around. Turn Qh puts up two hearts. I bet 150 to try to take it down. He shrugs and calls. River is a black 7; I check, he bets 375, and I call.

Why did I do that? Some tells and some logic.

The tell: He didn't do anything specific to reveal his exact hand, obviously. But I gathered from his body language that he probably didn't have much preflop, and that he was uninterested in the board until the turn card.

The logic: If he wasn't faking disinterest-- and I trust my reads of people-- then his range is heavily weighted to two specific things: he has a queen or a flush draw. He may have checked the flop with an ace or a five, but he would assuredly have been interested in the hand, and would have at least had to consider betting.

Based on the JTdd hand I mentioned earlier, I felt strongly that he would value bet less with a queen and check down anything weaker with showdown value (like a flush draw that picked up a 7). The large bet size polarizes his hand to the nuts or a bluff. And my read tells me he doesn't have the nuts, so...

I call, he says "good call, I missed," and flashed two medium hearts. I table my K2cc and he says "What is that... king high?" He proceeded to act stunned and call me a "genius" sarcastically and other minor grumbling. I did my best to defuse it and be humble but I honestly had to fight a really big shit-eating grin from breaking out. I think I did a poor job, so I tried to joke it off with him. That didn't much work.

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