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A much needed vacation and a retooled approach

I went up to Austin last weekend for my first real vacation in nine months or so. It was a revelation; a great chance to decompress and a reminder of just how good that feels. It's necessary; Houston can be a stressful place, and the vacation from routine is a great way to clear one's head and focus on what's important.

It can also be a good place to get in some work distraction-free. Some of you may know Apestyles as a very good and consistent tournament player (which is a big understatement, but I didn't want to be like "brag I know Apestyles holla"); I visited him for a day and got on the tournament grind, and it was very satisfying to be able to talk about hands and thought processes and the like. It really helps my game, and it's one thing I miss from my life in Houston, where I don't have any of my friends in poker nearby (I think the closest person I know is about 45 minutes away). I'm trying to reconnect with my community of people and restore that, not just for the camaraderie it fosters but also from the practical perspective of getting advice.

Today was a rough downswing as I got badly outdrawn over and over again in cash. This is gonna force me to settle down and tighten up my play and refocus. I can do it! There's really no other option but to work harder than ever at getting better. So I put my head back down, focus, and get ready to grind some more.

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