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Two long and fruitless days

Well, I arrived Tuesday night and jumped right into Wednesday's 5k and Thursday's 2k. In each tournament I made it to the break after dinner with 12.5k going to 500/1000/100, and each time I busted 15-20 minutes into the level, with about 80% of the field gone.

So I've played two eleven-hour days and had no cashes. I think I'm playing mostly well, although I made several mistakes each day that I could have avoided. I absolutely have to clean those up; mistakes in NL tournaments are incredibly costly.

I'm taking the day off to do just that, rest and relax before hitting Saturday's $1500.

I do have some interesting hands I played, but I'm too tired right now to describe them in anything but shorthand, which makes for terrible reading. Plus, I've talked about them incessantly today. I'll post them tomorrow.

Last Call Before Las Vegas

I'm leaving for the WSOP on Tuesday. I'm getting there a little late, but I wasn't quite ready to go. I had to finish some things at home, not to mention get myself ready.

I've been playing little poker in the last week, but I've been embarking on a more general crusade to get myself (and keep myself) physically and mentally sound for the series. I feel like, at this point, I'm playing pretty well, and have a good idea and understanding of what to do in given situations, so now it's a matter of keeping myself in game shape so I can have the stamina and patience for long sessions of live poker, and be mentally sharp and aware of all the information being transmitted.

I'll be putting in about a dozen events there, after which I'll be back home, resuming a (relatively) ordinary life.

Oh: I had my first coaching session a few days ago. I thought it went pretty well, although I was unfortunately unable to find too many interesting spots to use as examples. Anyway, I'm going to be slowly expanding that over the next few months, which will bring in some consistent, variance-free income-- always a good thing.

I'll be keeping this updated from Vegas as regularly as I can.
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