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took 2nd in the $1585

nath as much as i want to win i really can't complain about cashing for 80k. michael binger won and he played well so i can't fault that. it unfortunately for me came down to two big hands where i lost AK < JJ and AT < KQ and thus went from a 2:1 CL to out.

i'm not sure if i have any specific exciting stories; the name of my game was more or less "stay patient and focused and whenever you find aces someone else will pick up a hand too". i did make some clutch resteals in the late game (12-9 players) where i seem to have inadvertently folded a better hand a couple of times.

maybe tomorrow i'll have more. i'm too tired to put together a coherent narrative (or use the shift key). i'm going to take friday off and get myself physically and mentally sharp for the main event.


burningyen says

Congrats and rest up!


Doylestown says

Knew you weren't meant to be a full time cash grinder. Donkaments are your calling. Nice score bud!


Mr_Taterhead says

Congrats. Way to represent 2Rags.


lakeoffire says

I had a feeling you would do well. Nice score Nath! Congrats...


Anonymous says

Good luck in the ME!


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