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talked to some people about my bustout hand

nath Most of them think I played it fine. I disagree, because my initial instinct was to squeeze preflop, and I strive to always trust that first. But it is a good reassurance that the mistakes I made this trip weren't big mistakes-- either small pots or close, tough decisions.


Anonymous says

I agree, you would have been right to squeeze. Hindsight and all that...


Anonymous says

Too bad, Nath. I don't think there is a right decision here. Calling with a mid pair from the BB is never a terrible decision. Perhaps you need to fold on the turn, but you don't mention stack sizes -- or did I miss something?


pfkaok says

With a 25k stack there, I kinda like a push, you add 20% to your stack most of the time... though I don't know those players, I think they'd have to be very tight for a call to be better than a push. As for a just under 1/3 stack raise, you gotta be pretty sure that neither is capable of resquezing you.

You said it though, you probably weren't at the top of your game by this point. Or at least you didn't think you were, b/c your instinct was most likely correct, and had you been on your A-game you would likely have had that same instinct, and gone with it.


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