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Rebuilding mode

nath Like an NFL team who bought a couple of expensive free agents to make a Super Bowl run and now finds themselves well over the cap, I'm in rebuilding mode.

I took some time off after Las Vegas to recharge my batteries, and now, reassessing the situation, my expenses there plus a downswing online have put me into rebuilding mode. So I'm pulling up stakes and planning to grind lower limits for the month. Low variance, low stress, good edge. Without any significant travel expenses upcoming, I'll be able to do so without worry that I "need" to make money. I can focus on playing my A game and just watching my bankroll grow. I'll probably mostly play HU NL cash and Stud/8, two games where I feel my edge is relatively large / my variance is relatively low.

I may travel to Club One for the tournament series there in a week, but that'll be a short stay and not a major expense if I do go. Beyond that, I'll also be selling action to the upcoming FTOPS and WCOOP; I certainly can't afford them right now, but it's worth the shot to try to make some extra money-- my tournament A-game is as good as it's ever been, and I've gotten better at playing it more consistently, for longer periods of time.


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