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same old boogie

nath Geez, I'm terrible at updating this thing regularly. I keep thinking about it, and then I get to it once every two weeks or so.

Anyway, a big reason I don't update very often is that I just don't find that what I do makes for a very compelling story. I'm just grinding low-stakes HU, building a bankroll and moving up steadily (or at least, that's my aim). I had scheduled some time for the LAPC this month, but my plans fell through due to lack of interested investors. (I guess my shit does stink.)

I've been putting in a ton more hours (already as many hands in February as I had each of the last two months), so I'm seeing more situations and getting better, and thinking about the game more, but at the same time, I haven't come up with much for a good blog entry. The lessons of poker are the lessons of poker-- be patient, be aggressive, don't tilt, manage your money, select your games well, and don't take any of it personally-- and I'm learning them again one at a time.

I've also been thinking about the UIGEA, and how patently ridiculous it is. I intend to write a series on why it's ridiculous and why poker should be legal all across this great land. I try to stay politically aware, so maybe I can use that for good, for something that's obviously an important issue personally.


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