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Well, I really am bad at getting into writing consistently, Been a few months since I wrote up a blog not much as changed though on the outside it may appear I have. I recently took a well needed break from traveling the circuit. I def wasn't playing well live my results are a good testament to that. I then got home from europe and got in a TLB focus for a few weeks where I was able to make some really nice wins in huge field sizes to propel myself back to the top of the leaderboard. Ever since I got there I became lazy again with putting in hours. Even did a few sessions where I didn't get into double digit tables. I really am enjoying doing different things with poker I'm really having fun right now not playing everything everyday. With the holiday season coming up there's a lot going on which I'm looking forward too hopefully I don't need to put in some 30 tabling sessions to secure #1 for the passport packages but I'm willing to if neccessary I would kick myself too much if I didn't win because I did everything basically not to win for the last 9-10 months and was quite lucky to be in the spot I am considering how often I didn't play high volume days due to live tourneys travel and just being on a bad local time zone for mtts.

I'm saddened that I won't be returning to the aussie millions this year I was looking forward to going there again but due to full tilt pulling out I decided PCA is where everyone is going to be. Plus they are having a high roller event which I wouldn't be surprised to see 250-300 people in it even with the smaller field sizes for live 10ks and such pca is going to be huge. Stars is running so many sats and I expect ftp pros to be able to go as well so I'm really looking forward to that trip. I'm also giving a xmas present to some of my family to join me down there so it should be a lot of fun to have family and poker friends interact. After that I'm looking to head out west for some tourneys lapc series looks awesome with matt savage taking over whose easily top 3 tds with mike from turningstone and jack effel. Ohh yah I'm also going to goto ts for the later smaller tourneys to just hangout a bit maybe get a few horses there to do a few online grind sessions to keep their minds right.

As for everything else I've made a lifestyle change since being home and I am way more clear headed and I don't mind it that much never thought that'd happen but things are good and prob will stay this way for a while. Alright I promise it won't be months until my next update.

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