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Well the internet has turned me quite tilted right now as I got into amsterdam it went down at some redic key points for me when I was shortstacked in a bunch of tourneys. Note this will be the most rambliest blog I've ever made as its been almost 6 days of this sickness along with a bunch of travling lack of sleep good food and actually nutrients. I'm sorry for being so long actually been some great stuff to write about I just hate writing because I'm so bad at it and the great stories get missed in the awful grammer lack of punctuation. Quick recaps which I promise sometime at the end of the week I'll expand on.


High points'
lot of guys I don't get to grind/hangout with much were there had some fun in the 500r plo with devo.

Devo and JP both played sick good and made the TV fts so well deserved.

Oakplayer is the prob the most clutch person ever when traveling to have around

Cking is much cooler as a wafflecrusher then a random I barely knew from online at TS

Low Points.

Everytime I played live poker

Being in reno where I think is the only place that staying in your hotel is the cool thing to do

Annoying want to be poker reality stars who were god awful from all acconts cept theirs ldo.


wow what a trip had a great time lot of laughs some things which will never happen again in my life

High points'

Getting wasted with tnetter and john

Rollercoasters are redic fun when no lines

Being stuck on balcony that is smaller then most showers with 5 people at 4am.

Metting minithayer and all the good punches that came his way literally thanks to big biker dude

hangingout with my favorite sister and her friends

3/5 having 5fig scores on sunday session when the 2 who didnt hardly played

going undefeated in ruit


everyone puking not I said the big white guy

Only being there for a weekend

Forced to sleep on small recliner while sister and friends occupied whole bed

lugging my massive luggage everywhere



Met a cool canadien up and coming pokerplayer as suplimental income



Being sick

Not being able to leave hotel much due to being sick

Not ever getting better

Getting an additional symptom/sickness every other day

Error in booking which was never figured out why.

Redic small town that never seems to be open

Amsterdam (incomplete)


hign is a great tourguide

Having the 2nd best person to be in amsterdam with andy (1st ray)

Watching ray remind me why he's prob gottin better then me again.


Still being sick

Wireless going out a bunch

COLDDD not good with cold

Anyways as for the title I'm going to have fun tom I had a bunch of shitty dreams when I was sick about poker I've felt quite burned out I figure what better day to show that pokers still a game and that it'll be fun and profitable then turing the most profitable day into my minraise day. So it's going to be fun.

Also get to play on some eurosites I cant at home so get to play a lot more valueable majors maybe cuting out smaller stuff.

Also, big congrats to all of WC lately a bunch of people had scores this week for us def the most sucessful week by far keep it up at bel guys etc.

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