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Well I was finishing up a session at like 3am when I busted in the midnight tourneys I wasn't sure when my flight out of Albany was but I knew my LA flight was at 11:30 west coast so I assumed my albany flight was afternoonish. Anyways I find out my flights at 7am I'm quite pissed since my layovers are 3 hours in chicago and 8 hours in LA. So anyways I start rushing around to get ready finish up packing get done around 5 and then check UB and see a great thing phil hellmuth sitting at a 10/25 hu table. I immediately sit as he's pretty awful at cash games and donated a lot to me and others at 25/50 6max the other day. Anyways I stack him for 1k he reloads 500 wins a flop for like 2k pot and then runs like god. I played some hands realllly badly but still had a large edge vs him. We were like 6500 deep and I got stacked with 99 vs A8 on an A83r89 board no fds ever. He did a line he has taken with lots of marginal hands and when I c/shoved river he doesn't fold any ace because he sucksss so bad. Anyways I lost like 5 buyins and he quit me at 6. I was intending to skip my flight and have him pay for my later flights with less layovers. So I get to airport at like 6:20 theres redic long lines I get worried Im going to miss my flight as I get there a guy says anyone on the 7am flight I say me he tosses my bag and I rush to get through security. I make my flight takes a while till we take off though was like 45min before boarding and leaving.

I get to chicago go to the gate for my flight and sit down play some 2/4 hu vs broberts who asked me to play him a few tables for practice for both of us. I tilted bad because I get airport tilt easily and shouldn't play there. ALso at 2/4 I can't take it serious and did a lot of hero moves. Anyways it gets like to almost noon central time I am wondering why it's not showing up on the gate my flight #. I go back to the TV screens recheck and see it still says 12:20 gate B12 or whatever. I get my boarding pass out and see it says 11:40 boarding time. I check the flight #s and they are different. I am really confused as thats the only LA flight on the screen. I stand there for a few minutes studying it and notice I was reading the line of videos for arrivals. Sigh I look for my flight and see its taken off so that means it prob left already. I get a hold of my aunt who also serves as a great travel agent for me. She says to goto the other gates of the later flights and try to get on with my large layover in LA I can make it in time. I try to get to the gate for the 2pm flight it's in a diff terminal I take a guess on going left or right and I go right endcs up being the wrong way. I am walking back to where I was and notice I pass the gate for the 3pm LA. I go talk to the attendant and she is like yah looks fine to get you on 1 of these flights. Then she toys with the computer for 5 minutes then goes uh oh looks like both flights are full. She then says well why not goto gate B20 I was at B18 and board your first flight I go wtf. She says it says they haven't left yet. Note its close to 12:25 now and it was removed from the screens 30min ago. Anyways we have another long wait after departing and I get to LAX

Get to lax have to get my bags and recheck them Ive had no battery that would charge or powercord for the past 2 weeks since prague. I had bought my sisters from her so I would have one. But good ole me in a rush left the powercord at the house. So I find a store get something that works and I end up sitting in the terminal for a while waiting for thayer and whoever else may be on my flight. The 14 hour flight was much easier then Ie expected arrive at sydney myself and thayer run into sirwatts whose on the same flight now with us to melbourne. That was a quick and easy flight, we get our luggage and get to our hotel which is really nice the towers are awesome here and I have gobbo to thank since he's such a big deal here get gets the hookup for everything.

First night here Randall, Thayer, gobbo, mlagoo, and myself went to bonds appt to hangout play video games and some crazy cardgames. A bunch of other 2+2ers show up it was a fun night. We head out a pretty late and all get up for the 1k. I had a really good table draw the 2nd best player at table was on my right and nitty I abused him early with some light 3bets and showing he just then went into a shell once I got my 4k starting stack upto 11k and he had 10k to my right early. The other half way decent player at the table had like reporters bugging him every 5minutes for interviews and like a photographer over him at all times. We get friendly hes a cool guy from LA says he plays ftp didn't recognize his name and he didn't recognize mine. I have been recongized more for being tedsfishfry then shaundeeb it's weird. That I am like hey Im shaundeeb when meeting people they have no clue. Then I say tedsfishfry and their like I know you etc. Anyways one guy at my table is telling me how the LA guy is some well known actor. I'm really bad with faces and names so whatever end up finding he's micheal barton. He def impressed me for being a semi famous actor type who def had some concepts of poker down but didn't know how to switch from a tag gear. But in this style tourney and field I expect him to go deep in something. The field was amazingly soft i never got put in a tough spot from anyone and never felt as if I couldn't do whatever I wanted when I wanted to do it. Anyways I card rack for a bit to get my chips guy opens 6x utg with 80bbs I have KK in the bb I make it 17x he calls flops 984 r I bet 24x he raises to 50x I shove he tanks and calls with 10s. Bust a shortstack with 10s vs his 9s flop a set of 3s vs aces on a 832 flop. Really getting chips handed to me.

I have my 4k starting stack up to like 20k and I watch this hand go down. New guy limps in MP1 button makes it 3x behind for 1200 folded to mike who has 3500 and he shoves first limper calls with 10k more behind the 3xer folds and mike has KK other guyt has A2s one awful call. He sucks out obv and has like 19k now. I make a note Im going to own him since hes 2 to my right. The very next hand he limps again I find JJ and raise to 1525 at 200/400 folded back to him he calls flops AK7r he checks I check behind turn Jx he bets 2k I make it 5525 he calls rivers a 4x he checks I bet like 8475 he c/r allin for like 1k more I snap he shows A4o as I instatable my set get upto 40k now when avg is about 13k. Our table breaks soon after and I move to a new table where I get 0 hands. I played 1 semibig pot at 300/600 gut open shoves for 5200 or something in HJ I notice he didn't look he blew a stack doing a realllly bad squeeze vs a tight asain and has shown how tired he is and wants to go. I have 55 and call. He tables 59o and rivers a 9. We go on dinner break I have like 35k going into 400/800. I get a few spots to raise any2 otb because sb is redic tight and bb calls a lot and will c/fold postflop but the 2 times I do that first time BB shoves for 30 bbs and shows 88 and next time I do it sb shoves for 35x effective bb tanks and says he folded 10s sb is pissed cuz he had a bigger pair then 10s. Anyways I then raise J10o in MP and guy shoves for 8bbs I call and lose to AQ on the k9x7x board dunno how I bricked.

I fold for like 2-3 orbits getting 0 hands then folded to sb firt hand they went upto 600/1200 button same guy from 95o folds to him with 8k he shoves I am pretty sure its any2 for him find JJ get happy try to induce the BB to shove over and I flat for half my stack really obv for everyone good but the BB wasn't. Anyways button ends up having kings I am running so bad still haven't won 1 pot since dinner break. Folded to me next hand otb I have Q4o and shove bb calls with A3o Q103KA board and he yells about how theres justice etc in poker. Whatever got like 75th 50 paid played really well got redic unlucky late. I felt like randall playing nitty all day and going 10 hours of live poker with nothing to show. But the players were awful and the weather is great here. Structures amazing too. Dealers are really hit or miss some really good some awful not many ok.

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