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LAPC 1500 Day 1 extravaganza

So I woke up today played a few online steps and a few mtts said if I bust everything quick I'll play the 1500 live mtt here so I busted everything said fuck it let's go donk off money live. So I end up playing in it get a decent table draw recognize fellow online mtter ely cash and omaha guru sirens. I know sirens can and will gamble early and often he's made that clear. I get my awful 3500 starting stack at 25/50 blinds to 5k without anything all that interesting raising a bunch and hitting boards. Then I raise AQo utg+1 9 handed table to 125 2 people call who have called a bunch before sirens in CO makes it 600 with 2k behind often I snapfold this but I was quite sure he was squeezing wide and folding a bunch to 4 bet and AQ has equity and less likely QQ AK AA etc. So he tanks and folds. A few hands later he opens ep guy calls Im otb find JJ squeeze he shoves his 2k I call quickly and bam upto 9k in first 30min. I coast for a bit play a fun hand vs a guy who limp/calls in LP to me to his left when I raise his 100 limp to 425 with Q4o he calls KxQd5d flop check through turn 9d I have no d he c/calls my 600 bet. River is a 3o he checks I confidently through a vbet of 1250 out there and he tanks and calls and mucks when I show. Such sick value imo.

Anyways lose a lot of chips next few hands get down to 8k. Have a really tight BB and bad players to my left raise K8cc in the HJ to 375 at 75/150 sb calls nit folds bb. HU to flop Ac10x3x he c/calls my 400 turn 3c he check/calls my 1200. River 6c he checks I bet 3k he snapshoves for 4500 more I call obv and he has AsQc I dunno if he thought he had the fd or what.
So Im at like 18k now massive cl still no antees. I bleed down to 7k before anything decent happens to me at a new tougher table get a stack when Im at about 14k tight lady opens utg+1 to 700 pretty tight range I call otb with 99 flops Q73r she bets 800 weird bet I float cuz she plays faceup on turn. She leads 2500 now Im quite sure she thinks she has the nuts I then notice its the 9d putting a fd out there with the Q but she never has the fd if she had AKdd she check/calls turn. Anyways turns a low blank she bets 2500 again with 6kish behind I slightly cover shove she tanks for 25sec and calls with AQ lol.

Im at 25k now coast for a long time till I get KK when a old guy open shoves 44 11.5k utg at 400/800 Im in MP. Most interesting hand/me getting owned was 3 tables left have some history with joe tehan I think he respected my play up until this hand anyways he opens in EP to 3200 at 600/1200/200 could be a wide range he was looser earlier. I have 78dd in sb and 80k stack to his 75k and rays in BB so I call flops Kh9h6x I check planning on c/calling then leading turn but he checks behind and makes a comment so I think he had a piece or something turns Ad. I check he bets 4k I decide to try to semibluff the turn and raise him to 11k. He tanks for 2 minutes before 3betting me to 22k total. We have 50k behind if I called which would be about a potsized shove so I think I can call and shove when I get there regardless of heart and always get paid by his big hand. Unfortunatly I missed and the river was Kx and he checked behind and showed Ah10x him having the Ah is what made him able to make this play and for value/pot control. Anyways I felt owned 3bet/folded once later and raised and won a bunch of blinds to end the day with 64,400 which is about avg.

WC ran decent rays in with a shortstack obv and tufat got 19th getting setup in LP

EPT prague write up

Well I had a pretty sleepy 13 hours worth of flights to get over there wasn't so bad Im kind of getting used to this whole pond hopping traveling. Getting a few tricks of the trade down as I am no small man and getting comfortable in such small spaces for long times can be tough. Anyways I get to the hotel pretty easily try to check in need to wait a few hours. Hangout in the lobby with the wireless until timex happens to walk buy we chat for a bit I can check in now since he just did it and we end up near each other and get some breakfast.

Food was decent could tell on a hangover it would taste delicious. We hangout the hotel for a bit meeting up with skier_5 . We head to the stars welcome party and a few of the staff I hung out with in Barcelona/London are there really fun to drink with as stars employees know how to let loose and have a great time. We head to the darling caberet after meeting up with jovial gent and bikocruz at the party. Dances sucked It was getting to be about 10pm Local time which is 4 eastern. Biko, Gent, and myself head back to the hotel to attempt to play the mil. We miss it by a few minutes I reg for a bunch of things which some didn't pop up to the front so I was sitting out for a bit in the 215hu on stars. I finally remembered about it a few minutes after it started see I have been blinded down a bit card rack it up before sucking out on an overpair with top pair. During this break I head to bbbb and some #s room to hangout and grind sundays we end up getting hu in the 215 hu on the money bubble where he owns me when my 22 can't beat his AA AIPF, anyways do shitty in all the tourneys end up stopping at like 5am get some sleep before my ept starts in like 5 hours. Get my seating assignment table looks very weak I am quite happy. I recognize seat 10 as a decent player with solid results later find out its mark karam a fellow lebanese guy we chat for a bit he def ran the table I was a bit card dead to play back at him early but we both were chipping up well.

I got up to 15k before first break on some hands I can't recall lose a lot of my stack hero calling a guy who had it and 3barreling mark on a dry board thinking he'd put me on top 2. First hand back from break a really weak player opens in MP I flat OTB J9s like 60bbs deep 9 high flop he bets like 700 into 1200 I call turn 9x he bets 3500 I shove for less then a minraise he snapcalls with KK and almost cried when he saw he wasn't ahead. I chip up some more valuetowning mark when he raises Co which is almost any2 I call in SB with QJo like 15k deep at 100/200. flops 987 with a fd I have the bd with my Q. he bets 1k into 2k I call turns 10x check check river blank I c/r his 1k to 4500. I think this hand is very interesting I know by his turn check he has a pretty marginal hand but he likes the bet/check/bet line a lot and will bluff sometimes on this river. Also he likes to make hero calls on the river a lot because he is a table captain who is lag and always thinks people are bluffing him whenever he can't have the nuts. Anyways I am up to like 30k now from the 10k starting stack a french female who c/folds in wayyy too many spots with intiative raises in EP to 1k at 150/300 I call OTB with K10s we have like 22k effective BB calls with 6k stack. flopds Qx 10c 7c she bets 2k I float knowing I am prob behind now but 20 turn cards I win the pot. BB folds turn is a pretty Kc she bets like 5500 with 12k behind I shove pretty quickly she tanks and tanks I am getting more confident each second thinking she has Ac and some pair or another ace with it and thinks shes getting the right price. Eventually she calls and tables 1010 :(. I don't hit a sick 2 outer in a huge pot. Get short double up limpshoving 10s utg getting called by the BB with 8s. I got a bit sick when the doorcard was an 8 but it was followed up by a 10. I was upto like 15k now starting to loosen up as blinds get bigger and end of day approaches. I open 78s in EP to 1025 folded to mark in the BB who goes to reraise 2k but decides to throw a 500 chip out there as well making it 3525, I immediately take that as weakness and instashove knowing that even if called I have a great hand vs his range equity wise. He says ugh I have to call and tables AKo. I am not too saddened by this flop is AcKc6x looking not so bad turn 4x yahhh more outs river blank and I milk a micro stack for 7 orbits before busting.

I also played a 2k Euro side event a few days after,

As I was walking up to my table I see annette_15 sitting there I know this will end up being an interesting table with some wild PF play and solid poker thereafter. Little did I know 2 such well known online players wouldn't even be in the top 5 of most aggro players at the table. I notice this quickly how fast everyones playing and decide to nit it up until I get something to play back at them. I find what I need a few hands later,

The guy to my immediate right goes to raise to 200 at 25/50 (7k starting stacks 40min blinds this is 2nd level) but as hes doing that the young kid to his right goes to raise to 200 so the guy opts to call after contemplating 3 betting for a few seconds. I find KK and make it 1k to go a few folds first raiser basically instashoves I recheck to make sure I have KK and call quickly he has AKs and I hold. Win a few more pots get to about 22k when we go on break. I talk to a friend of mine Nicolas levi who is talking to this big scandy guy I findout is konsgaurd. We chat for a bit and Im telling Nicolas about how aggro our table is and that konsgaurd would know who they are findout one is a 100/200 nl player sick guy and he has a 6k USD last longer with him for this tourney. I tuck that away and he tells me 200euro bounty on his head as well. So I play a few pots he limps utg with his 19k stack at 100/200 no antee I cover and overlimp otb with 78ss blinds both suck and they check. J54 flop with a spade he bets 600 when checked too I call. turns 10s he bets 2k into 2k I am like whatever he needs a set to call me with his last longer and he doesn't know I know about it yet. He calls after 15 seconds with bot set. I get there on the river and get upto over 40k. I cooler some more people own an old guy who was really bad he limps utg which means a lot of hands few others limp I complete J8dd in sb. J97 flop 1 diamond. Checked to old guy he bets 1k into 1200 I call I am quite sure now he has a huge hand because everyother time he would bet 500 500 500 on every street with marginal hands and would bet same amount on turn and river with a boart. Turn is a low blank he bets 2k when I check to him with 9k behind I cover by lots. I decide to call cuz he will pay me off when I improve. River 10x I openshove for a bit overpot he beats me into the pot with AA lol. I get upto about 50k. Win a few more small pots before antes kick into play. At one point before the antees I had the whole table covered by like 5-10k I didn't think that would ever happen in a none rebuy tourney.

Anyways the table breaks I get moved to a table feturing Jovial gent and a bunch of 20 something scandys def going to be a tough table. I win a pot when really laggy bad guy makes it 850 in CO at 200/400/50 jovial makes it 2550 otb I make it 7k with like 25k effective behind with AKo jovial tanks for like a minute before folding he def wanted to shove knowing I could be and prob was close to 4betting any2 there. Table is redic nutty people going wild one PLO guy who really sucks at NLH tourneys opening any ace in any spot and who knows what else garbage. He gets a big stack blows it on hero calls ends up getting down to 12k at 300/600 raises utg+1 which means nothing I find AKo in sb 3bet him to like 4600 he shoves I snapcall he has KK sigh. I raise/fold KJo in CO to his same button before he shoves like 45bbs effective in the BB I fold and he shows AJo. He's really spewy. Anyways he opens utg a little while later to 1700 after just raising utg+1 which means like 40% of hands another bad player calls and a really active 3bettor also calls in CO It's a great spot to squeeze I find K9s and make it 6k to go with 30k behind. Folded to PLO guy who shoves after he says alright let's gamble stands up and shoves. It's like 20k more to call in a 37k pot. A few hands prior the first flatcaller in this hand who was awful had said the same thing in a BvB spot vs a young scandy who raise/4bet in the SB and called the awful guys reshove with k10o and was shown KK after he made that comment. The kid to the right of me said wow what did you think he was making a move after that comment? Goes on to say how obv it was because of that comment the guy had it. The plo guy was listening to this and since he said that I was 100% sure he was super weak and reading me for a squeeze and I prob gave off some live tells of weakness as well. So I call getting close to 2 to 1 and show my K9s hes shocked that hes ahead with A8o. My read was right my call was right just wish I chose a diff 3bet size. I flop overs and a gutshot to his pair of 8s but never get there. I bust shortly after pushbotting for a few orbits.

Sorry for the blurr and long paragraphs so hard to do live poker writeups and include the important details.

1st is the worst, 2nd is the best, thayer's the one with the hairy chest

So I wanted to toss something up quick prior to the post with my 1k HH from my recent 2nd place in the Stars Super Tuesday tourney. I took down close to 55k with the score and followed it up with another 2nd in the night hundred grand aka stuper. That tourney for the longest time has been the thorn in my side. I was down close to 12k in it with only 13k in buyins. I got a huge stack early into the money and then coasted till 2 tables left where I lost a 400k pot when avg stack was about 100k with QQ vs AA in a spot I can't avoid. I was down to 120k chips 2 hands later blinds moved upto 3k/6k guy 3xed in MP I was in co with 88 and shoved having him barely covered. He snap called with JJ I flopped an 8 and was back to a wafflecrushable stack. I played pretty snug won a huge flip to busrt the finaltable bubble and enter it with a 900k stack. 2nd place had 550k and was on the other table and timed out last hand before break. He was seated to my left at the finaltable and the 3rd place stack had about 220k. This makes for interesting dynamics and I was super active and got to 4 handed in a dogfight with the guy still sitting out . I went from CL to shorty to 3rd for a while then 2nd as the shorty busted. 3 handed lasted for a while I went card dead keep getting 3bet 4bet once with A9s the best hand I had when he 3bet he had A9o we chopped. He eventually busted to the CL I had a 3 to 1 chip disadvantage and never was able to mount a comeback and lost a flip to end it K9<44 he had a set I had a fd on the flop. 16k wasn't bad and quite happy to finally be up lifetime in that tourney

I also spent part of last week in Niagra where I didn't do anything got to 30k gave away my stack in an orbit and a half making 2 bad moves. Was down to 100 chips at 150/300/50 level after one of the bad moves and shoved next 4 hands and won them all to put me close to 6k. I never got anything going for the next level though and busted shoving 11bbs at a redic 200/400/75 level into JJ.

I also drove to Foxwoods in the morning the night of my 1k 2nd place. Thayer, Billy, and myself all played in the $600 the day we got here. Play was soooo bad. My starting table no one could beat playmoney tables I got really tilted by their redic bad table talk. I was also on 20 hours no sleep and a big win and a tourney I wasn't motivated for. Played suped lag vs the live nits got a big stack before losing a 30k pot when avg was 5k when I had 1 out and rivered it but the other guy already hit a higher set. Was a goofy hand and hard to describe in a few words.

I am planning on waking up in 3 hours to play the 1500 at the woods again so hopefully another big score to report.

US Poker Bowl update: One and out.

Ok, so I miss the first couple of hands of the tournament but whatever, we're starting with 10k and 50/100 blinds.

I sit down and my first hand tmay opens UTG for 250. I'm UTG + 1 with KK so I call. It's folded to Theo Tran in the cut-off who bumps it another 600. Folds back to me, I call.

Flop is A87. I check. He bets 750. I call.

Turn is a K...nice...but puts another flush draw on the board. I check and he bets 1350. I check-raise to 3500. He calls.

River is A. I shove and he asks me "You all in?" Uh, yeah. "Ok, I call." and shows quad aces. Go, team.

*EDIT* In a sick twist, on the very next hand, tmay got it all-in pre-flop with KK v AA and busted.

EPT london

This has been another odd trip back to London. The things that I expected to workout have all failed miserably and anything I didn't expect to work did. I went on the Stars booze cruise two nights ago had a good time met a few stars staff and they were a lot of fun to talk to. I also talked to Lee Jones about getting in for the tourney the next day on W$. He went out of his way at the party and later on when he got home to try to get us in even though he easily could of just been like nah too late try again. So andy and myself are scrambling to find 20k W$ by the morning. We find a bunch and then send an e-mail to lee about it and then meet him outside the casino at noon. We get there and unfortunately he says theres nothing he can do it is impossible to wire money to the casino in time. Anyways I just had enough cash to buyin andy boostedj and myself and lee was able to buy the other guy in who he was trying to get in with a spare seat from rainkhan. So I decide to play the same day as I was anxious to play and just get a stack going.

My first table was very very soft, Just from outward appearances I thought 3 people were going to be good. I couldn't of been more wrong the one guy I was worried most about was the worst player at the table one of the other guys was really nitty unless it was an ace high board then he never folds the flop. And the other I find out later to be kaibuxxe a sick sick plo player but someone who a 10k buy in means nothing to him. So he was playing bad and having fun. I chip up to 26k from 10k starting stack first 2 hours with only 1 showdown over a 1k pot. I loved my table and knew it was the easiest one that will ever exist in the whole tourney. I chip down with JJ to the nitty guys AA on a 9 high board he raised utg I flatted and he bet 1k on the flop turn and river and I called him down. Another quite player dependent hand was 4 limper's to my BB completely standard at our table I have j8o I check flops j52 with 2 hears kaibuxxe is last to act and nearly always fires when checked to. He checks behind for first time ever. Turn is an offsuit8, I go for another c/r saying no way he or someone else will bet no one does. Rivers a 6 making the final board j5286, I bet 400 into 600 pot the nitty guy calls and kaibuxxe over calls. I table my J8 proudly and go to scoop the pot. But then kaibuxxe shows 74 and then the other guy rolls over his 34. I just laugh at both of them for playing so bad. Anyways my tables breaks and it stars a redic amount of table breaks. I had 8 in total was never at a table for a full level for the rest of the tourney.

Not many interesting hands from the future tables had a questionable float turned flush draw that I shoved on a guy who turned top 2 and I didn't get there. Chip back up to 20k squeezing a lot not getting good spots to open though. Move to my final table have like 20k its level 7 about halfway through blinds are 2/4 with an ante. I open 55 utg+1 guy calls sb shoves for 6k after tanking I was going to iso was so sure he was weak then the BB cold calls and I turbo muck. His QQ beats the SBs 55. Next hand I find red aces make it same 1100 middle aged guy in LP makes it 4100 I call with like 13k behind and check shove on the 882 2club board for like double his flop bet. He calls with 99 has a club gets 2 more on turn and river. Would of been 2x avg sigh.

Also this was THE WORST RUN TOURNEY EVERY. The seating movements were by paper and the dealers didn't even collect them if I saw a bad table I easily could of just went to a different open seat. They had no racks when moving players chips I had to recruit people around me to carry my chips with me. Also, they had the bright idea to not give a dinner break and serve food at the tables, so while others and myself were in big hands we occasionally got bugged by a server or something asking us if we wanted something nothing more annoying then being in a huge hand and getting bugged by some random server. Add to the fact only 1 of them was even attractive. Then when dinner came they served it randomly it was shitty, and then as soon as we were done with dinner we had a 30minute break wtfff. Anyways I really was turned off by just how badly the local staff were it's a shame the people doing things from stars were going above and beyond the call of duty while the locals treated it as if it was a freeroll. Such a joke.

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