Bad beat stories: WAFFLECRUSHING with shaun [censored] deeb

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Caesars $1500 prelim event

So I left my house quite later as we overslept a bit, and made it to the airport less then 30minutes before our scheduled departure. We are told there is a delay due to weather. So we are waiting around and findout a flight prior to ours was supposed to leave 4 hours before ours and they never left yet. So I get worried book another slightly later flight until we hear we can board the plane now. Anyways we make it fine to our connecting flight and make it in time to sadly see the Sox win again. Get some sleep before waking up to play the $1500. I walk in see ZBTHortan talk to him for a bit before registering. I get to my starting table pretty sure everyone sucks really badly at my table and all tables. Get quite happy seeing the field at each table. Sit in raise my first hand a few limpers which became a reoccurring theme. I get my starting stack of 3500 to about 8k as break 2 hours in then the last hand before break this happens. old guy limps UTG means nothing I can outplay him all day so I decided to raise any 2 OTB. I find my favorite hand pops up 78sdd make it 225 he is only caller. Flops 9d 7s 6s I get all excited he checks I make it 350 he makes it 1850 with 3500 behind avg stack was still like under 4k so this was a bigish stacks. I tank and shove he calls after 30 seconds. I go I have a lot of outs. Then he shows me Q8o no diamonds or spades.

About this time I hear some guys voice yell hey tedsfishfry from the table behind me where fatalerror is playing at. I turn around and jon points to this guy at his table and is like hey this is the guy you coolered for 3rd in the 1k. I chat for a bit with the guy whose a mid 30s live pro. We talk about a few hands he asks me what I had on the stop and go hand vs him I told him A6o he was like wow I folded A8o. I laughed a lot inside about that one. He was a nice guy def a solid player but had many of the standard live leaks online.

I get all excited that I will have close to 4x starting stack in the first 2 hours. Until the turn rolls off the dry Q. I look saddened and I don't resuck for even the chop. I am down to like 2k chips. Eat some lucky pizza come back 2nd hand back. 2 old reg limpers the next youngest kid makes it 5x I plan on shoving a lot of hands with my 2.5k stack at 50/100. I find 44 instaship it in he instacalls with AKo when it gets to him I flop a set. I am now up a bit over 5k. I open after a few limpers again and steal twice 3rd hand same limpers I find AKdd and raise again this build overaggro guy who thinks he makes great reads calls 450 more in the BB, the limpers all fold flops 10s 3x 2s he leads 400 into me I call pretty quickly. Turns a 2 which puts a 2nd flushdraw on the board which I don't have. hHe flings a 1k chip into the pot I call pretty quickly rivers a blank 3 and he fires 1200 and I call and he says nicecall and tables KQo. He is shocked I called him down with ace high. Whole table is stunned I am crushing it again. fatalerror moves to my right we have some fun. I chip back down to 6k at 100/200 open AJo otb to 525 BB this middle aged asain makes it 1725 it's his 3rd 3bet of me I folded the first 2 I shove pretty quickly he calls with A10o and it bricks off and I double. Get a table change to a new table 2nd hand there raise AKo utg+2 this young looking calls 1072r flop I bet 800 on the flop into like 1500. he calls turns an offsuit 8 I bet 2k he calls pretty quickly rivers 3x I bet 4k with like 2k behind online I shove there but live and this keys appearance I was 100% sure he snapcalls a shove but is scared shitless of this valuebet sizing he ends up folding I show to mess with head.

He starts messing with me when I open so I tighten up. This wild guy who keeps c/raising other people at the table opens to 700 at 100/200 with an antee in MP I 3bet AJo in SB to 2100 . I am unsure how deep he is but I esitmate it's under 10k flop comes KdJx4d I have AdJx I check to him he bets 2500 I make it 6k he shoves I see its only 1500 more call and hope to see only KQo. Instead he shows 810dd and I fade it. I am now over 30k and one of the biggest stacks in the tourney with 60 left and 27 paid. move to anotehr table first hand there see an UTG+1 minraise and I am next to act I make it 2500 at 200/400 with AJo because I came to table with a lot of chips knew 2 of the players devo and fellow wafflecrusher thayer. guy calls flop is 843 with 2 spades I have none he checks I bet 3500 he snap calls I get worried and decide Im done I turn the As he checks I check behind rivers an offsuit J. he checks i bet 12k and he calls after 20seconds and I say top 2 and he slamms his QQ on the table and is short. He busts thayers resteal when he wakes up KK and thayer can't 2 out him. So at the time I have 45k and everyone is chasing me next best at table is under 15k. I don't get much going keep my same stack. Get to a tougher table with a few people I've met before and we exchange chips till we break with 4 tables remaining and them paying 3 tables. I have like 50k now avg is around 30k. I coast around abuse the bubble bit but can't get past the 50k hump. We draw as the money bursts our whole 6 handed table stays there but exchange seats. I open 77 OTB BB flats and says most people would raise him here. I am not sure to believe him flop comes AA10R I feel he will play back with a lot of his range check behind. Turns a 2 puts a flushdraw out there he fires like 5k into a 8k pot I call rivers a 3 completes bd flush he fires 6k I call and he shows 54 for the backdoor wheel. I play another bad spot isolating a limper with some trash hand cbet and the bb c/raises me and I fold. I am down to like 30k I know I appear to be really tilting so tighten up. I find KK in LP an orbit ago make it 3k at 600/1200 BB who is same guy who c/r earlier. flops QJ7 with a flushdraw he checks I bet 4500 he shoves I snapcall. He shows Q10o turn 10x the card that gives me lots of resuck hope but I whiff and end up getting 23rd for like 500$ profit.

I end up heading out to this awesome bar called halfshell with vivek, thayer, devo, and jon. It was a good time I was exposed to golden tee propbets and profited almost 200 for my first time playing. I get the feeling that game will end up causing a lot of fun in the near future with betting etc. I tried to wakeup for the 2k the next day and missed play online the day instead and am getting ready for pokerbowl. I am exited for that we play monday at 5 pm western time updates will be on I am on SanDiego, I am going to try to send text updtates to the editors of this site to do live updating on it for you guys on me personally.

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