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Turningstone $500 6max updates

Well the last few days I've been not playing much I kind of welshed on my goal for TLB early when I decided I would be heading to turningstone for their small 5 days of events. Nothing huge but a few friends heading there as well as dead time in the week prior to heading back to Europe. I had good success in the first even getting my 10k starting stack up to 35k before antees 5th level kicked in. For the levels I was there for the new structure was amazing big thanks to pete the tourney director who is probably the person responsible for the levels added. Anyway I get moved to a new table featuring randallin and a few weak players early on play a weird hand where I raise a guys turn lead when we were both very deep and he did a small 3bet in a big pot. I folded and wanted to get that guy back.

I had a terrible laggy/bad image at my table keep getting played back at with no hands to show for it. I then make it 825 in MP with A4s guy to my left instafires out 6 yellow 500 chips I get the feeling he's really weak never calling a shove so I stick it in. He asks for a count then's like whatever here it's yours I rake in the pot and notice in the corner of my eye when I show the 4c he nearly fell out of his chair. I am laughing and randall shoots me a grin as he's the 1 seat and I am in his direct view in the 6 seat. Anyways I get 0 hands and blind down raise/call a shove getting 2 to 1 and other standard hands till I have 15k at 250/500/50 awesome addition level that was there. I make it 1300 otb with AKo with 17k stack BB was tight and short at 6k SB was the guy I 4bet earlier he instasticks in his stack of bigchips like 10k enough to put me allin. I snapcall about to be saddened when he shows me 44 and luckboxed into a flip instead I am quite happy to see AQo guy just spazzed out for all my chips until the dealer feels bad for him and gives him a 3 outer on the flop so he wouldn't get short.

I then was up latenight played in a 300 max game for an orbit won 500 and then moved to a 1k max game and doubled after an hour to 2k on a hand I was totally in the blind and got called by worse on my flop shove and then bleed down to like 1k before getting in a few bad pots and this one I am unsure off. I've been opening half the pots at the table and def not playing my Agame but its 5am and I am just bored. Anyway I make it 30 with AKo and 850 stack guy flats who usually does it a guy with 204 behind squeezes to 100 he's been tight but bleed his 500 buyin down folding a lot and I felt was ready to gamble with anyone to make a good score/comeback in the game. BB tanks asks how much button has behind he said 104 BB then makes it 204 I'm like wow I could get this HU a lot and BB has to fold JJ and possible QQ/AKo for another 650 so I ship it in he quietly says I call and asks if I have Aces which means he has kings sigh I am like I have 3 outs till I see the button spread his aces across the table I flop 0 hope on a 1086 board turn a Qbut no river for anypart of the pots. I endup going to bed at like 730 and skipped the 10am starting time and slept all day.

For tomorrows event I will be sending in voicemails at each break hopefully that I'm still in and giving updates and info for a bit of love reporting

-EV moves = +EV moves (sometimes)

Here's a post I made on 2+2 earlier today felt like I never give you guys any real strategy I swear sometime this week I will get a PXF handhistory up of something interesting.

I spent many hours today trying to explain this stuff to a student today about the one part of tourneys I've experienced and couldn't prove because the math is too intensive. This is a lot of gigablock theory/optimal stack ideas theory included, I know many of you disagree with the block theory but it's correct in many complex ways.

Basically the jist of it is this example.

Say I have have a 15bb stack at the middle stages of a tourney and the stacks to my direct left are effectively this 20bbs,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45 , and say the player to my left is an aggro solid player who will give me fits is too my left the other players are no where as good as as him or me we are def first and 2nd in skill at the table.

Given these stack sizes if I knew I could get it in vs the guy on my left 100% of the time as a 45% dog I would take it each time without any dead money or anything. So 45% of the time I have 30bbs and 55% I bust,

I will not argue that in an ICM model my chip value would have doubled directly due to that hand we all know that.

But i will tell you my hypothetical chip accumulating per orbit amount will skyrocket from where it was in the previous example. And I will earn back the 2.5bbs or whatever edge I gave up in that 45%flip by having a much more profitable situation every time it's folded to me in any spot. In a few orbits as long as table doesn't break I will be putting myself in more and more profitable situations with my chips where I can play more hands for a larger edge. When I would of been handcuffed to playing tight without the double. Thus increasing the chances of me winning because each orbit I am gaining way more chips then I would if I didn't take that 45% flip.

Back in Troy

Well after a great week in Boston at mikes house I finally went home for the first time in almost 6 months being home for more then a week. It's still a really short stay in a week and a half I plan on heading to turning stone on Friday to play in a few events. I also plan on finishing up my TLB goal for the week. It's been quite some time since I won weekly on stars haven't made an effort for it since the last time I won. I feel that I can easily win once I devote a full 6 days of grinding in massive multi tabling on the desktop which I haven't done since prevegas. So expect me to be playing 20+ stars tourney with 5 or so FTP ones sprinkled in.

There are many reasons for me to be doing this it should be a lot of fun as long as I win. Then I will be content even if I am down a few k or something. This should give me enough to secure yearly TLB as a few people are attempting to make late runs at me but as in a marathon they showed themselves too soon and I will get a 3k lead on them in the next 10 days and they will give up. Knowing full well that if necessary I am winning yearly if I have to play everyday I can and every tourney I can till end of year. Hopefully for my sake it doesn't get to that spot but I'm sure many of you will enjoy knowing m working my ass off in 180s even after my recent big buyin success.

Also had a lot of good wafflecrush success in the past few weeks had a solid showing in the 10k at FW where 3/9 cashed and 1 of them got as far as 19th before losing a stupid flip post flop vs the donk who ended up winning. Note he was redic lucky to be in a race given the situation but whatever he has 1.7mil and a WPT ring or whatever when the better players get screwed. Great for the game seeing a donk card rack his way to millions cuz those viewing know they prob had a better shot than him going into the tourney.

Also heading to France the 7th of December then prague the 10th for EPT with Andy should be a good time. Finaly got my yankee hat from him only took like 2months for me to be reconnected with it. I haven't seen it but my brother was commenting on how badly it smelled and I figure thats from 4 years of my fat face sweating underneath it as well as being stuck in a package box for 2 months as it gets shiped from London to Vegas to NY and a few random stops in between. So I'll stop looking like thayer thankfully and be back to my normal backwards hat ways

The diaries of a wafflecrusher

Well sorry for being so delayed in updates I had some problems with getting the HH from stars so I maybe using a different tourney for a hand history in the near future. Have a lot of things to bring up but I'll be brief in most of them.

Wafflecrush has been going great now this last week raking up close to 300k in cashes from our horses in some huge runs that didn't even get up to potential. Feels great to be winning money and giving close friends/sick players the chance to play the highest buyins with 0 fear at any point. I expect to be picking up more horses soon but don't PM me or bug me at the table or any wafflecrusher. I got my eye on the next batch and in talks with a few as it is.

I spent the week at Foxwoods did nothing in any of the tourneys build stacks then went card dead when it mattered in every tourney. Got ugly but I did well online since then.

I've made a bunch of FTs lately 100fo which I took down for 12k. AP 1k where I got 3rd for 12k 20r stars a few middle buyin ft tourneys with a win and a few middle finishes.

I'm in Boston for the week at my buddy Mike's house who just got 5th in FTOPS last night. His prior best score was like 2500 so 55k is quite the jump.

I am heading to France the 7th of December then going to Prague for the EPT the 10th. Anyone got good ideas what to do leave a comment.

1st is the worst, 2nd is the best, thayer's the one with the hairy chest

So I wanted to toss something up quick prior to the post with my 1k HH from my recent 2nd place in the Stars Super Tuesday tourney. I took down close to 55k with the score and followed it up with another 2nd in the night hundred grand aka stuper. That tourney for the longest time has been the thorn in my side. I was down close to 12k in it with only 13k in buyins. I got a huge stack early into the money and then coasted till 2 tables left where I lost a 400k pot when avg stack was about 100k with QQ vs AA in a spot I can't avoid. I was down to 120k chips 2 hands later blinds moved upto 3k/6k guy 3xed in MP I was in co with 88 and shoved having him barely covered. He snap called with JJ I flopped an 8 and was back to a wafflecrushable stack. I played pretty snug won a huge flip to busrt the finaltable bubble and enter it with a 900k stack. 2nd place had 550k and was on the other table and timed out last hand before break. He was seated to my left at the finaltable and the 3rd place stack had about 220k. This makes for interesting dynamics and I was super active and got to 4 handed in a dogfight with the guy still sitting out . I went from CL to shorty to 3rd for a while then 2nd as the shorty busted. 3 handed lasted for a while I went card dead keep getting 3bet 4bet once with A9s the best hand I had when he 3bet he had A9o we chopped. He eventually busted to the CL I had a 3 to 1 chip disadvantage and never was able to mount a comeback and lost a flip to end it K9<44 he had a set I had a fd on the flop. 16k wasn't bad and quite happy to finally be up lifetime in that tourney

I also spent part of last week in Niagra where I didn't do anything got to 30k gave away my stack in an orbit and a half making 2 bad moves. Was down to 100 chips at 150/300/50 level after one of the bad moves and shoved next 4 hands and won them all to put me close to 6k. I never got anything going for the next level though and busted shoving 11bbs at a redic 200/400/75 level into JJ.

I also drove to Foxwoods in the morning the night of my 1k 2nd place. Thayer, Billy, and myself all played in the $600 the day we got here. Play was soooo bad. My starting table no one could beat playmoney tables I got really tilted by their redic bad table talk. I was also on 20 hours no sleep and a big win and a tourney I wasn't motivated for. Played suped lag vs the live nits got a big stack before losing a 30k pot when avg was 5k when I had 1 out and rivered it but the other guy already hit a higher set. Was a goofy hand and hard to describe in a few words.

I am planning on waking up in 3 hours to play the 1500 at the woods again so hopefully another big score to report.

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