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24 hour 180 only grind session 5k propbet vs Mrsmokey

Well I happened to goto bet and wakeup about 6 hours later then any other day this past month which at the time I had no clue it would be so beneficially for me to be on such a later schedule.\par
I head over to the gobbo suite since they get wireless and schaefers and mine room doesn't. Jeff finds some some really nice restaurant in London for us to goto they keep telling me it has 2 michelean stars I have never heard of it before but they were talking about it like it was amazing since it had 2 so I guess it's a really small grading scale. We don't even know what style of food it is but decide to go there anyway. Schaefer ends up not wanting so go so it ends up being just Actionjeff, skier, gobbo, rainkhan, boostedj, and myself. We go downstairs for some drinks as our reservation was for 9. We clean out the bar we are at inside the hotel in about 3 minutes sit down enjoy a pint of stella which has grown upon me since coming here and is def my favorite draft beer.

Boosted was going to meet up with us at the restaurant named the Imperial for anyone who is in london looking for a solid but expensive meal. So that leaves the 5 of us not so tiny guys. We flag down a cab the guy says we can all fit in one cab so we try it. For those not familiar with the black cabs in London they are like 200k US for the rolls royce. They have 2 seats way back and 2 jumper style seats against the back of the drivers area. We figure it's best to have 1 in between the jumper seats and unfortunately that ends up to be me. So I flying around the cab as he takes turns my legs are killing me from uncomfortableness. Luckily it was a short ride and we arrive and we laugh at how under dressed we are compared to everyone else at the place whose in suits with ties. While we have semi casual dress shirts and Khan is in pokerstars gear. Food was much better then I am used to and def the fanciest/nicest place I've been to. We have a good meal gobbo isn't feeling too good so just him and myself head back to the hotel.

As we are heading to his room we run into schaefer whose with empire2000, martine23, bushman, and mrsmokey. I hangout down there for a bit with them as they finish up a few worldseries episodes.then we go up stairs for a bit and talking about long sessions grinding etc. Somehow we start talking about if he could do a marathon session right now etc and then after a few moments it turns into a challenge between him and myself. Since he's a much much better player then me we had to find someway to even it out.

I bring up a grinding 180s challenge and he accepts and after 10-15 minutes of negotiating we decide to use a points system for scoring each 180, We only get anything if w get top 8 or better in any 180man that runs during our session time. We broke down the scoring as the following;. 8th:2pts 7th:4pts 6th:6pts 5th:9pts 4th:12pts 3rd:15pts 2nd:20pts 1st:30pts. Smokey wanted to have 1st even more heavy but I said no I liked the current scoring. We started playing around 12 London time, just start firing up every 180 man we both can. After like 45minutes to an hour we are both 10+ tabling and move to the lobby area of the hotel. This ended up being a bad idea where we were seated all the people entering the revolving door could see how many tables we were on and many drunks stumbling in then would feel the need to strike up a conversation with us about whatever they felt like talking about. I was getting quite annoyed at the time.

I run pretty decent and get a win and a 2nd under my belt pretty quickly and smokey just kept making final tables. He was not getting many top 3s at the time and was watching a few of his final tables and damn was he running bad. Soo many times he has top set gets it in loses in huge pots every one he was deep in. I felt very confident at this time but little did I know how bad of a streak was coming for me. It prob was around 8 or 9 am now I was getting a bit tired being up for 18 hours and usually going to bed by now. I fight thought it and am slightly behind him at this time but it's close like 50 to 84 or something. He decides to goto Nobu with some of his buddys and stops registering at like 9 so he can leave at 11. He gets back around 12 12:30, after taking a 15minute power nap asks me how I've done and I say no finaltables in a while still same pts. I can tell he's feeling super confident I try not to let him know that only like 4-5 per hour total ran as opposed to the 15-20 that he had in the beginning of the bet. I was later told that I had a 50 180 tourney streak in this timespan of not making a final table quite redic considering most of them were 4/180s and 11 turbos. 20/180s weren't running at these off hours for US players.

By this time of the day people are waking up and seeing us just posted where they last saw us when they went to sleep. I keep registering along at this point I hadn't missed one 180 that has run off during the span of the bet even played a 55/45man speed by accident and final tabled it, which sucked cuz I saw the lobby was like cool another fina ltable studied the stacks and was like wow there must be someone whose huge but I keep looking at each name then mine and then the others and no one has over 20k. Sigh I didn't know it didn't count for the bet. I start to get a bunch of stacks in a lot of 4/180s over the next few hours. I think the only words I said for 4 hours were the frequent I am cl in so and so tourney. CL going to final table etc. If I wasn't so lazy and keep track of final tables when I went to them like 16 or so in total for the bet I had CL in over 10 of them which is quite the amazing defeat. I didn't even have that many 10-12ths either during that span only in the early part of the bet. During this time smokey doesn't seem to be able to get anything going tourneys are starting to pickup in volume this is where I felt like I would gain the most edge when we got 20+ we didn't get there as often as I expected but I should of known better with the turbos you bust in them so much faster so getting to 25+ tables won't happen often or for a long period.

I keep making final tables and was getting HU in all of the final tables I made like 6 or 7 in a row losing 2 of the HUs on really standard hands. I had 3 diff opp HU vs me just open shove every other hand for 40bbs over my limps and in the SB. I just laughed and waited for a strong hand to call. I did with 10s and lost to KJs. If you are playing HU over 20bbs please don't openshove whatever you do theres my poker advice for this blog entry. I keep winning 180s seemed like 1 an hour for the last few hours smokey can't get anything I start getting more relaxing knowing I am like a 90% favorite at this time for the bet. I win 2 or 3 more while some of the guys hanging out playing head to nobu for the 2nd time that day. I stay and grind and decide to quit registering for 180s 2 hours prior to the deadline we set for the bet. I was getting tired and once I was sure I had it won I just wanted to go sleep since I had such an early flight out. Sadly for me I didn't get that wish and played for another 2 hours longer since the final 2 180s I had a 4 and a 20 I ended up final tabling both. I should of played them seriously to try to have a 9 or 10 wins day for 180s because if I set the record that high no one would ever touch it. At 7 I think someone could possibly beat it. Also for no own minraising is called clickraising some drunk scandy explained to us what clickraising was when he was wasted and we had no clue what he meant. And then he was like see the raise button click it that's a click raise. So I played the must clickraise at every chance game at my 4/180 final table blowing my CL to go out 7th or something. Mess around a bit at the 20 final table to bust too and then went to sleep for a few hours to get up for my flight home.

Smokey said he wanted a rematch at some point with a very similar bet but better planed. Since I think I understand 180 players better then anyone I def will take him up on this bet if it's better planned and not just a let's play a redic long session bet 5k so it's worthwhile to sit in a lobby having to run upstairs to piss in between hands and getting very bad service from the staff for drinks and food every 3 hours when someone who decide to come around.

stats according to sharkscope

180s since yesterday.

Both played 172(which is so odd as we were regestering for different hours when I knew I had it locked up and when he went to eat)

Shaun Deeb: ROI 160%, Total profit: $1651
Mrsmokey1: ROI 46%, Total profit: $ 310

I won 7 (2 $12, 5 $4)

I should of went for 9 wins also played 1 none 180 by accident a 55/54man and finaltabled that lol.

EPT london

This has been another odd trip back to London. The things that I expected to workout have all failed miserably and anything I didn't expect to work did. I went on the Stars booze cruise two nights ago had a good time met a few stars staff and they were a lot of fun to talk to. I also talked to Lee Jones about getting in for the tourney the next day on W$. He went out of his way at the party and later on when he got home to try to get us in even though he easily could of just been like nah too late try again. So andy and myself are scrambling to find 20k W$ by the morning. We find a bunch and then send an e-mail to lee about it and then meet him outside the casino at noon. We get there and unfortunately he says theres nothing he can do it is impossible to wire money to the casino in time. Anyways I just had enough cash to buyin andy boostedj and myself and lee was able to buy the other guy in who he was trying to get in with a spare seat from rainkhan. So I decide to play the same day as I was anxious to play and just get a stack going.

My first table was very very soft, Just from outward appearances I thought 3 people were going to be good. I couldn't of been more wrong the one guy I was worried most about was the worst player at the table one of the other guys was really nitty unless it was an ace high board then he never folds the flop. And the other I find out later to be kaibuxxe a sick sick plo player but someone who a 10k buy in means nothing to him. So he was playing bad and having fun. I chip up to 26k from 10k starting stack first 2 hours with only 1 showdown over a 1k pot. I loved my table and knew it was the easiest one that will ever exist in the whole tourney. I chip down with JJ to the nitty guys AA on a 9 high board he raised utg I flatted and he bet 1k on the flop turn and river and I called him down. Another quite player dependent hand was 4 limper's to my BB completely standard at our table I have j8o I check flops j52 with 2 hears kaibuxxe is last to act and nearly always fires when checked to. He checks behind for first time ever. Turn is an offsuit8, I go for another c/r saying no way he or someone else will bet no one does. Rivers a 6 making the final board j5286, I bet 400 into 600 pot the nitty guy calls and kaibuxxe over calls. I table my J8 proudly and go to scoop the pot. But then kaibuxxe shows 74 and then the other guy rolls over his 34. I just laugh at both of them for playing so bad. Anyways my tables breaks and it stars a redic amount of table breaks. I had 8 in total was never at a table for a full level for the rest of the tourney.

Not many interesting hands from the future tables had a questionable float turned flush draw that I shoved on a guy who turned top 2 and I didn't get there. Chip back up to 20k squeezing a lot not getting good spots to open though. Move to my final table have like 20k its level 7 about halfway through blinds are 2/4 with an ante. I open 55 utg+1 guy calls sb shoves for 6k after tanking I was going to iso was so sure he was weak then the BB cold calls and I turbo muck. His QQ beats the SBs 55. Next hand I find red aces make it same 1100 middle aged guy in LP makes it 4100 I call with like 13k behind and check shove on the 882 2club board for like double his flop bet. He calls with 99 has a club gets 2 more on turn and river. Would of been 2x avg sigh.

Also this was THE WORST RUN TOURNEY EVERY. The seating movements were by paper and the dealers didn't even collect them if I saw a bad table I easily could of just went to a different open seat. They had no racks when moving players chips I had to recruit people around me to carry my chips with me. Also, they had the bright idea to not give a dinner break and serve food at the tables, so while others and myself were in big hands we occasionally got bugged by a server or something asking us if we wanted something nothing more annoying then being in a huge hand and getting bugged by some random server. Add to the fact only 1 of them was even attractive. Then when dinner came they served it randomly it was shitty, and then as soon as we were done with dinner we had a 30minute break wtfff. Anyways I really was turned off by just how badly the local staff were it's a shame the people doing things from stars were going above and beyond the call of duty while the locals treated it as if it was a freeroll. Such a joke.

Taxis, the yellow and black bastards

Anyways I've been busy the last 3-4 weeks traveling around Europe with different people I meet at my previous locations. Been a great experience so far on my own having a good time, up a bit of money but should of been a lot more some stupid degen moments I may write up about later when I am on not on such a rant mood.

Anyways this rant will be about taxis and how bad they have been for me recently. Anyways Barcelona only had to take 2 of them first one guy spoke no English besides some stuff he learned when he was trying out to become a tour bus driver. All he knew in English was stupid tourist things that I didn't care one bit about at 7am after flying for 8 hours. So a few nights later my WSOPE finally started I was at sportsman casino the furthest away and I had to take the tube for the first time to get there was lost as fuck basically. I know we finish after the tube stations close for the night so I need to take a taxi had like 20 pounds on me and figured it def wasn't enough. So I get back to the hotel room talk to connor whose basically busto from the tourney. Head back to my place try to get a taxi for 20 minutes no luck run into a tube station it's already 10:05 tourney restarted at 10 and I have no idea how far away I am. Anyways get there etc like 15minutes late sweating my ass of more then normal. Whatever only lost like 1500$ in equity for no taxis around. Was willing to pay 100 pounds to get one couldn't even find one to bribe on a quite active street.

We go out 2 nights later 4 of us roaming around the pubs it's like 3am now everythings closing try to goto a hookah lounge try for 2 hours to get a taxi and can't had 2 ones who were empty with thier lights on go past us as we were trying to flag them in. Get to Amsterdam use their taxi it goes quite smoothly the first time. While we are done at the grasshopper we see a line of taxis go try to get one but theres 10 police officers around. Apparanly it was some taxi checkpoint for licenses or something. So we try to get 3 diff empty taxis who just went through the checkpoint to take us and nada. Next 4 taxi rides to and from the main areas all turn out shitty in their own way mostly bitchy drivers who never shutup about how what we do. We get to the Amsterdam airport the taxi guy drops us off at the first terminal/gate but we were like 3 gates down he cost himself like 5$ in fares and just left us at the beginning. Get to london get in a taxi really quickly was about to fall asleep when I hear the driver telling us he just got a phone call from his wife. His son just broke his arm or something and he's going to try to find us a different cab to take us. We say whatever good luck etc. We spend the next HOUR walking around this hotelish highway area whatever. Loads of cabs flying by all full, we finally flat one down and we are running towards it and this stupid guy with english soccer shirt on hops in and says something to andy about waiting as long as us. And steals our cab. We run across like 4 lanes of highway and have to toss the heavy suitcase over this 3 foot fence that was like a v to make it harder to jump. My limber body gentle crashes over we hurry to the other side and try for another 10 minutes to get a taxi before taking a bus sigh.

From this day on I will never tip a taxi driver again and if they make a comment about no tip I say I'm shaun fucking deeb and got left many times by other asshole cabdrivers who didn't want to bother picking up passengers. So you get no tip because of them.

Welcome Welcome

Alright, time to get used to writing up at my new home here at tworags blogging community. I couldn't turn down the offer to write here with many of my early mentors and more recent ones were already here writing a lot better then I ever could. Anyways I'm hanging out in Amsterdam right now waiting for EPT London. Been great time here, A lot better action here then London. Meet up with a few 2+2ers and a local one from here who has a bunch of friends we are going out with tonite should be a good last night here. I have put more online sessions in here then I expected but we go out really early here and thus get back to the room around midnight-1am here and just make it in time for the 7 estern tourneys so we end up playing all night.

Also been playing a lot of HU cash lately on UB and stars up a good amount been playing a really really diff style thanks to being around andy lately. I tried to hit and run taylor cabby and that didn't work out too well. But I had a good blackjack session to even it up and then some.

Also not sure what the readers want so toss in a comment somethings you want me to write about or what type of stories you want to read. Like if you want HHs and reviews ask for that, if you want just traveling trip reports non poker ask for that, or just my degen stuff. Anyways I suck at writing and will have many misspellings so don't expect much from me with that on any and all future posts.

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