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more motivation

Well, I really am bad at getting into writing consistently, Been a few months since I wrote up a blog not much as changed though on the outside it may appear I have. I recently took a well needed break from traveling the circuit. I def wasn't playing well live my results are a good testament to that. I then got home from europe and got in a TLB focus for a few weeks where I was able to make some really nice wins in huge field sizes to propel myself back to the top of the leaderboard. Ever since I got there I became lazy again with putting in hours. Even did a few sessions where I didn't get into double digit tables. I really am enjoying doing different things with poker I'm really having fun right now not playing everything everyday. With the holiday season coming up there's a lot going on which I'm looking forward too hopefully I don't need to put in some 30 tabling sessions to secure #1 for the passport packages but I'm willing to if neccessary I would kick myself too much if I didn't win because I did everything basically not to win for the last 9-10 months and was quite lucky to be in the spot I am considering how often I didn't play high volume days due to live tourneys travel and just being on a bad local time zone for mtts.

I'm saddened that I won't be returning to the aussie millions this year I was looking forward to going there again but due to full tilt pulling out I decided PCA is where everyone is going to be. Plus they are having a high roller event which I wouldn't be surprised to see 250-300 people in it even with the smaller field sizes for live 10ks and such pca is going to be huge. Stars is running so many sats and I expect ftp pros to be able to go as well so I'm really looking forward to that trip. I'm also giving a xmas present to some of my family to join me down there so it should be a lot of fun to have family and poker friends interact. After that I'm looking to head out west for some tourneys lapc series looks awesome with matt savage taking over whose easily top 3 tds with mike from turningstone and jack effel. Ohh yah I'm also going to goto ts for the later smaller tourneys to just hangout a bit maybe get a few horses there to do a few online grind sessions to keep their minds right.

As for everything else I've made a lifestyle change since being home and I am way more clear headed and I don't mind it that much never thought that'd happen but things are good and prob will stay this way for a while. Alright I promise it won't be months until my next update.

Macau Madnes

Well, when I told people I was heading to macau most didn't know where it was but anyone who doesn't mind a 10-13 hour flight depending on where in the us your coming from will def soon find out. To say its a new Vegas is an insult to Macau. Seeing what is already here and seeing some of the buildings being built it seems like this is the place for degenning parting and the classic strippers and blow. Basically anything goes here way more then Vegas except for smoking weed. Kind of weird how everything else is widely accepted and publicized yet that is cracked down like crack in the US. Right now I'm in some weird 36hour sleep schedule where I am awake for 20 hours thens leep 16 hours. It's best way to experience macau.
I played the APPT main event and was 3 hands away from making day2 before I 4bet shoved A8o into a slow rolled QQ I was otb raised sb 3bet small same thing hes done 4 times in last 5 orbits. All 5 he won the pot vs me, only the first got shown and he got cold 4bet and tank called even though he was getting 4 to 1 with QQ. I avidly rooted to suck out vs this guy because he whined so much when he saw I had A8o being a douche calling me a donk etc obv he doesn't understand poker and didn't even realize how often he's 3bet me. Anyways I was angry after that came back and slept for 2 hours before getting up and playing the Wednesday night tourney schedule which is early Thursday morning here. I don't do well in anything important I am about to head to sleep until Timex IMs me and asks me if I'm playing the 5k HKD team event which is like 320 US. I say wasn't planning on it why need a partner. he's like ya as any of you know I like free ev and being best team in a tourney here seemed like a good plan. We both sucked pretty hard I lost a flip for us in the 4th level 99 vs AQo getting like 2.2 to 1 thanks to dead money 3bet fold from another guy. Table changed then I bust an orbit later shoving 7bbs and 108s in sb bb calls A2o I flop an 8 rivers A.

So I hangout in casino for a few hours degenning it up with choppy on the pit I was told he runs good there but not when gambling with me. 8 of us head to this good korean bbq place bond knows about near buy get a solid meal then head to this cigar lounge in the Grand Waldo while enjoying a great cuban cohiba atimos, toilet, brent, and g0lfa stop by and join us for some drinks we clean them out of a few diff types of alcohol before myself and the later 4 head to the strip club in the waldo. We hangout for a bit there get a few dances then I head back to my room in the venetian trying to change to go clubbing. It's like 2:30 aim I use my blackberry to post on 2+2 to see where my roomates are they post that they are leaving soon to go to waldo I rush there to catch them but somehow miss them. Try to sneak a key from the frontdesk pretending I don't understand when she is asking what my birthday is when I try to be my roommate and fake not having an ID on me. I decide then I'm screwed and know that the spa at waldo which everyone raves about is 24 hours and redic cheap for everything and the entrance fee which is 188 HKD about $20 has beds food etc. So I go there get a nice 2 hour massage falling asleep during it multiple times. Then I sleep a few hours in one of their beds before I see that my roomates finally made it back from going out. So I hitch a taxi and thens leep for another 15 hours in my hotel room.
I then wake up grind wcoop and some other online tourneys and a quick pkr session afterwards where I crush people at 10/20 for a few buyins. Pulling an all nighter again to sweat bonds ft then go to some 2+2 meet up and then sleeping before playing the 150k hkd highroller event which I'm feeling really good about.

Long time no Blog

Well, sorry to all for me being redic lazy and deciding not to blog for a few months. was really motived to start it up again right before wsop but then wsop went awful for me with a nice 0-19 yet I busted most of them fast enough to still register for nightly's online so I still had a profitable month. Since then I had some fun trips to TS where I had 4 fts of like 8 events wining some decent money having a great time with the locals, staff, and other online guys there. Next, I had a weekish time in Fresno where it was much more then I expected. Thanks to all who I met out there made my trip a lot of fun and guaranteed that I'll be back there once I conclude this live trip. Also, as some of you know I won a ftops during that weekend was nice but really doesn't change much.

As for what is going on now I just started a nice trip of live events at a bunch of different places, just flew into Macau where it's def an upcoming Asian Vegas expect it to be huge place in next 5-10 years but come here while their cheap and going out of their way to give the best service possible. They are big on first impressions and it shows as their are like 1 employee for every 2-3 guests it seems. Language barrier is tougher then I expected since I knew most would speak English who are employees but most common terms I use they seem to not understand but I'm sure it will get better. I'm playing the appt main event which is a 3200 buy in and the high roller event which is a 20k buy in. I expect the fields to be decently soft and look forward to my next trips which are Barcelona and London for EPTs and WSOPE. I def feel a lot stronger in my game right now then any other time I have way better patience and actually want to succeed live now before I just played it cuz the buy in was higher and I knew I was +EV.

Also, I'm going to make an effort to write a little more coherently that means no more blogging after a 16 hour session so feel free to bitch about where my spelling and grammar sucks.

WSOP Event #1

Well, after a bit of drinking down in ocean city I headed to vegas wed afternoon. Had a nice direct flight got here got to jon's then passed out for the night. Woke up went to a BBQ at the gobbo castle pretty sick time then headed to rio for registering for first event. New set up looks a lot cleaner should be a lot less problems with long lines and table congestion. I'm really feeling good going into this long series. Going to be the perfect grind.
I think the field sizes are going to be above most people expectation. I hope I find a way to play the 1500 as well but if I make day2 of the 10k I may have to skip it and def not going to miss sundays.A lot solid players are skipping this event and I'm quite surprised just means it's going to be that much softer. Expect a few more updates coming as I'll have things to write about finally. Going to add on to my 27th record hopefully starting with this event.

Sigh DUCK ftops

Well today started out pretty badly was a huge ftops even with a 300r so I was scrambling around trying to get horses enough money. I really like this event and structure allow good players to gobble up all the EV. It's funny I convinced like 5 people to play it saying how they are dumb not to its a really soft tourney but always gets a really tough ft. FTP also had a 100r turbo warmup which I knew would be a blast. I got a good stack in that early ran into some rough hands/stretches and busted around the bubble. Luckily one of my wafflecrushers had a nice stack and continued to dominate. Adam/probbluffingyou on ftp was who I roomed with at TS along with little ras I think very highly of his game even though he's not had a huge score yet.

Anyways he got gayed as he always does on the ft bubble with AA=AJo AIPF and AJ losing to A4 AIPF to bubble him. It's sad how bad our horses run that sometimes they think they aren't as good as they are. Needless to say I was frustrated at another bad backing day. I found myself down to 4 tourneys really early in the night that was jam packed with good value tourneys. I lost a big flip on the bubble of the 300, then lost another big flip itm in the 50/50 on stars. So that left me with the ftop nightly 150 and the ftops both which I ahd good stacks in. I ended up fluxutating a lot in both tourneys. Ended up fting the 150 won a flip then lost AQ to AA for a lot of chips to get 7th for like 3k was bummed but at the time was still in ftops with 50 people left wiht a nice first place of 240kish. I had a top 10 stack most of the way lots of good players were left as expected. Luckily I had the easiest table of the remaining ones at each time. I went quite card dead once we got down to 2 tables and made my way to ft 5/6. Which featured tmay a redic solid grinder who I know very well and we both have lots of respect for each others play. neonpills whose a redic aggro player who hates to fold but can make you hate life when card dead like I was.

Other 3 were this laggy euro who was to my left for first 4 hours of tourney and played well and 2 other lags. So needless to say with my short stack I went into a shell. I had to 3bet 33% of my stack pre with 88 vs the laggiest player who was CL and in the CO and c/fold the KQJ flop it was really gross I was shoving almost any flop. A few orbits later neonpills opens to like 2.7bb and I shove A10o for 14 he calls with KQs and turns a Q gg me 6th for like 38k. Def a sick night easily a top 5 for me but I'm quite disapointed in the result at least I can't complain that I misplayed any hands.
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