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Back in Troy

shaundeeb Well after a great week in Boston at mikes house I finally went home for the first time in almost 6 months being home for more then a week. It's still a really short stay in a week and a half I plan on heading to turning stone on Friday to play in a few events. I also plan on finishing up my TLB goal for the week. It's been quite some time since I won weekly on stars haven't made an effort for it since the last time I won. I feel that I can easily win once I devote a full 6 days of grinding in massive multi tabling on the desktop which I haven't done since prevegas. So expect me to be playing 20+ stars tourney with 5 or so FTP ones sprinkled in.

There are many reasons for me to be doing this it should be a lot of fun as long as I win. Then I will be content even if I am down a few k or something. This should give me enough to secure yearly TLB as a few people are attempting to make late runs at me but as in a marathon they showed themselves too soon and I will get a 3k lead on them in the next 10 days and they will give up. Knowing full well that if necessary I am winning yearly if I have to play everyday I can and every tourney I can till end of year. Hopefully for my sake it doesn't get to that spot but I'm sure many of you will enjoy knowing m working my ass off in 180s even after my recent big buyin success.

Also had a lot of good wafflecrush success in the past few weeks had a solid showing in the 10k at FW where 3/9 cashed and 1 of them got as far as 19th before losing a stupid flip post flop vs the donk who ended up winning. Note he was redic lucky to be in a race given the situation but whatever he has 1.7mil and a WPT ring or whatever when the better players get screwed. Great for the game seeing a donk card rack his way to millions cuz those viewing know they prob had a better shot than him going into the tourney.

Also heading to France the 7th of December then prague the 10th for EPT with Andy should be a good time. Finaly got my yankee hat from him only took like 2months for me to be reconnected with it. I haven't seen it but my brother was commenting on how badly it smelled and I figure thats from 4 years of my fat face sweating underneath it as well as being stuck in a package box for 2 months as it gets shiped from London to Vegas to NY and a few random stops in between. So I'll stop looking like thayer thankfully and be back to my normal backwards hat ways


jason (Anonymous) says

What name to you use to play on Stars? I would like to watch you a bit if you don't mind.


harlem says

Playing so much you must have much love for the game. Good luck


shaundeeb says

shaundeeb on stars..............


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