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WSOP Event #1

shaundeeb Well, after a bit of drinking down in ocean city I headed to vegas wed afternoon. Had a nice direct flight got here got to jon's then passed out for the night. Woke up went to a BBQ at the gobbo castle pretty sick time then headed to rio for registering for first event. New set up looks a lot cleaner should be a lot less problems with long lines and table congestion. I'm really feeling good going into this long series. Going to be the perfect grind.
I think the field sizes are going to be above most people expectation. I hope I find a way to play the 1500 as well but if I make day2 of the 10k I may have to skip it and def not going to miss sundays.A lot solid players are skipping this event and I'm quite surprised just means it's going to be that much softer. Expect a few more updates coming as I'll have things to write about finally. Going to add on to my 27th record hopefully starting with this event.


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