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They Give You This, But You Pay For That

I’d like to think the title of this post pretty much sums up Las Vegas. Currently in a massive STD scare. It’s obviously all over the news here, I’m curious as to how much press this will be getting when I arrive home tomorrow night. It’s really sick that one of the biggest cities/tourist destination’s can't maintain clean clinic's.

Oh wait, no….that sounds like Las Vegas.

I’ve had a good few days here in Vegas, but I don’t think I’ll ever spend time here without thinking how backwards this place can be. Obviously the incident of the HIV/Hepatitis malpractice was coincidental, but there’s a lot of things that could be considered “morally grey,” or just straight up wrong, around me. Maybe it’s the fact I had such a solid family upbringing with good values that makes me kind of tingle when I see a gigantic billboard (with the number) to file for a divorce.


Anyways, the PokerVT filming went smoothly. It was great to be able to talk about the project in person and become more knowledgeable about the poker industry in general. I went over some critical hands I’ve played, did some basic bio stuff and answered some Q&A. I’m really looking forward to the launch of VT next month.

That’s really it for now. Lookin forward to gettin back home.

Later guys,


I vividly remember my last trip departing from Las Vegas back home to Cleveland. I told myself I'd never return to Vegas until I was 21. While I had a good time with my friends for a few weeks last summer, it was overall a gigantic tease. Watching huge live events play out everyday (WSOP/Bellagio Cup), was practically torturous.


Haha, I'm currently at the Bellagio (which is v. nice might I add). I'm not here to visit friends like I was last year though - this time around I'm here for PokerVT filming. I didn't sleep on Sunday night and just stayed awake til my flight left at noon on Monday. I got a couple good hours of sleep in on the flight, but I'm obviously still exhausted. I'm currently just relaxin in my room, might hit up the hot tub.

Tomorrow I'll be going over some of my instructional material for PokerVT, as well as random media stuff. The more I realize the potential of this project, the more excited I get. I'm really unsure of how much I'm supposed to "give away" about this project, but I can tell you we're on schedule to launch in the near future. It should be a great opportunity, and something to keep me busy until I'm 21.....

Well, I'm just gonna kick back and relax, probably goto sleep a little early tonight. I've got a massage scheduled for tomorrow morning, and then it's showtime in the studio.

Later guys,

-Adam Junglen
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