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Looking Ahead

Well, the WSOP is about to start, which means…..not much for me. Those of you that have been keeping up with my blog for the past year will remember my posts about going to last years series. It’s always fun hanging out with everyone, but it really sucks being under 21 in LV. We’ll see though. There’s a decent chance I end up going anyways.

The Exec’s at PokerVT have told me they’re going to be letting me use the studio for a week in late July. I’m very much looking forward to having the VT studio at my disposal. I’m really gonna work hard and try to use all of this incredible technology to it’s fullest potential.

Hopefully my August/Sept schedule will be similar to last year (EPT Barcelona + WSOPE). So far they’ve just said that WSOPE 2008 is from September 19th - October 1st, but no word on specific events, or the EPT schedule until later. I certainly hope they have more events than they did last year for WSOPE.

So, yes - at the moment I’m planning on going to Europe for a few events before I turn 21 in October. Poker is just too big in Europe to pass up on. Once I’m 21 I’ll be likely be playing Foxwoods in November, then in December I’m going to be renting out a unit in Panorama Towers for the Bellagio 5 Diamond Series. I’m very excited about this.

That’s what I’ve got ahead of me. Until then, I’m really gonna try to put in some hours online next week. I’ll be recording for PokerVT sometimes, so I’ll be going over some smaller - middle buyin MTT’s, such as more 4max, 20/180s, 36/180s, 60/45s, since most of my current videos are HS MTT’s. I’m looking forward to a change of pace anyways. I won’t be completely ignoring the regular MTT schedule either.

Once June comes I hope to start hanging out with my local friends that are on break from college. I have a great group of friends who I met in HS. We were all poker players. Actually we first started playing in 10th grade, and our local home game mtt would have between 12-24 players on average (9-12th grade) and at the end of each tournament we all noticed we were the last ones around or making consistent FT’s (there’s 5 or 6 of us). Everyone else had been eliminated and left. So we found ourselves hanging out together more, and that was my “high school clique”, or group of friends, w/e. We were always playing, and discussing poker, watching HSP, WSOP, WPT, etc. A handful of them still play a fair amount, some more than others. I’m not sure why some of them didn’t really pursue poker further. I mean, going to school is fine, but it’s not like you don’t have enough time to grind out some online sessions, and study the game. Although I’m not blaming them at all if they thought the poker lifestyle just wasn’t for them.

Maybe I just loved the game so much more than they did. When I first started, especially when I’d find myself playing in a closed greek restaurant at 1:00am, playing cash games against people who didn’t speak english…I just LOVED poker. I started blogging right when I started playing poker. My first entry is 6/30/2004 (all of my old blogs have been archived/deleted fwiw….book material, lol?). I’d track all of my results when I played with my sisters boss at the time, and now my friend Vince, and his crew. I’d keep track of how I played hands against 80 year old calling stations, and throw a tirade when I’d lose to a 2 outer.

…..LOL, pardon my random nostalgia. But honestly, for the last month or so I’ve really slowed down. I feel like I’m starting to really enjoy poker again and I’m having fun with everything going on.

It’s unrealistic to set a goal to have the same results I had last summer, but I’m gonna do my best. It looks like I’ll be spending some time at TS this June too.

Hope you guys enjoyed this ramble! Send me any questions or whatever.

-Adam Junglen


Well, I’ve been talking about this day ever since I became apart of the project, and now it’s finally here.

After several delays, PokerVT has finally launched!

The last few days I’ve been testing out the site, and checking out the material. The site itself is extremely advanced - far above my (already very high) expectations. The information is presented in a very innovative way, and I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite a long time.

Check it out and let me know what you think,

-Adam Junglen

Back Home

Vancouver ended up being incredibly frustrating - the hand history posted below was the last hand I played while in Canada. I did end up seeing Iron Man while I was there with Jeff, it was a pretty solid super hero movie.

While on the plane back home I finally finished an article for Bluff. It’s pretty basic, and geared towards beginners transitioning from online to live play. It’ll be published in July’s issue, so…that’ll be kinda cool.

Feels great to be back home. I’ve got a few small errands I need to get done around here, but besides that I’m not going to be doing anything the next few days.

It’s going to be great.

Just Once..

Sorry in advance.

Full Tilt Poker Game #6394538751: FTOPS Event #11 (45240880), Table 70 - 200/400 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold’em - 23:58:27 ET - 2008/05/12
Seat 1: sillylife (33,024)
Seat 2: A_Junglen (11,862)
Seat 3: Geih (5,317)
Seat 4: hannibal time (6,760)
Seat 5: fjutsie (4,505)
Seat 6: genetodd (23,956)
Seat 7: SpazIsPlusEV (7,632)
Seat 8: DL323 (10,740)
Seat 9: crapface82 (6,685)
sillylife antes 50
A_Junglen antes 50
Geih antes 50
hannibal time antes 50
fjutsie antes 50
genetodd antes 50
SpazIsPlusEV antes 50
DL323 antes 50
crapface82 antes 50
genetodd posts the small blind of 200
SpazIsPlusEV posts the big blind of 400
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to A_Junglen [ click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image]
DL323 raises to 1,200
crapface82 folds
sillylife folds
A_Junglen calls 1,200
Geih folds
hannibal time folds
fjutsie folds
genetodd folds
SpazIsPlusEV has 15 seconds left to act
SpazIsPlusEV folds
*** FLOP *** [ click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image ]
DL323 has 15 seconds left to act
DL323 checks
A_Junglen has 15 seconds left to act
A_Junglen bets 1,800
DL323 has 15 seconds left to act
DL323 raises to 9,490, and is all in
A_Junglen calls 7,690
DL323 shows [ click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image ]
A_Junglen shows [ click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image ]
*** TURN *** [ click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image ] [ click to enlarge the image ]
*** RIVER *** [ click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image ] [ click to enlarge the image ]
DL323 shows a flush, King high
A_Junglen shows two pair, Aces and Fives
DL323 wins the pot (22,430) with a flush, King high
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 22,430 | Rake 0
Board: [ click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image ]
Seat 1: sillylife folded before the Flop
Seat 2: A_Junglen showed [ click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image ] and lost with two pair, Aces and Fives
Seat 3: Geih folded before the Flop
Seat 4: hannibal time folded before the Flop
Seat 5: fjutsie (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 6: genetodd (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 7: SpazIsPlusEV (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: DL323 showed [ click to enlarge the image click to enlarge the image ] and won (22,430) with a flush, King high
Seat 9: crapface82 folded before the Flop

JLKDJ KLJs dksfjkard kljhlads FO fils djsl dsao gyat


Yesterday was the $3k, and now I’m officially busto from everything here.


The main event had 302 entrants, and I believe first paid around $275k. Well, that’s not too big of a concern now that I’m eliminated. I lasted about 6 hours. I never accumulated too many chips, but feel as though most of my reads were on, and that I was playing well.

We started with 15k, and I hovered between 12k-24k all day. I don’t think I played more than one 5 figure pot. It was just one of those days. I also had several aggressive players to my left, so that didn’t make life easier. I started my bust-out hand with roughly 16,600, and my opponent covered me by about 8-10k. With blinds at 150/300/25, he opened the button for 900. The small blind folded, and I pick up AKo in the BB.

Well, this opponent (BB) had played with me for a good portion of the $1k bounty on the 7th, and he had been moved to the table roughly 90 minutes ago when this hand came up. During both times we’d played together, I’d played a very solid, tight-aggressive game. Especially in the bounty.

Well, I 3-bet his button open to 3,600, and he tanked. Now, this was literally the first pot I had re-raised preflop the entire trip (In a BTN/SB/BB spot), let alone vs. a guy who’d seen me play solid the previous day.

While tanking he was counting out the chips in a similar way to when he put me all-in in a previous pot (and I folded). I thought there was a pretty good chance he was just gonna put me AIPF there (and I would’ve called).

Well, instead he flat called preflop, putting us both in a somewhat awkward spot postflop (each having 1.5 times the pot behind). The flop came down T73r.

Out of all of my options, open-shoving for 1.5x pot seemed best. The button thought for a good 3 minutes before finally calling with T9. He thought so long, I actually thought I had just made a good value bet and he was calling with AQ. I guess I gave him too much credit and didn’t consider he’d call a 4x re-raise (20% of the effective stack) with T9.

….So yea, despite the downswing, I’m feeling really good about my game. I’m just hoping to put up some results in the FTOPS series. Once I get home I plan on putting in more volume online, as well as work on PokerVT.

Speaking of PokerVT, I’ve gotten a chance to play around with the site a bit. I’m very impressed with it. Daniel’s blog mentions it’ll be open for FCP’rs on the 13th, and I’m guessing to the general public soon after. I’m extremely excited about the launch of PokerVT, and the changes it will bring. It’s nice to have an actual date set as well.

On May 14th, 8pm EST, Daniel will be on Sirius 186 (listen live at to answer all questions related to PokerVT

I'm sure I'll be linking a sign-up/referral ad or something once they're available.


-Adam J
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