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Adam Blogs?

Yea, it’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve probably sat down with intent of writing a new blog about 5 times now, but there really hasn’t been much to say. I suppose there’s always a couple weeks each summer where I don’t have much going on. Luckily that’ll change next year. The WSOP is over (except the FT), and I’ve got a lot to look forward to.

I’ve started making some healthy changes in my daily routine to help prepare for the upcoming events. Aside from eating healthier, just eating at all is a step in the right direction for me. I’m not obsessed with my body or anorexic, but I used to go days without eating more than a couple meals. I’ve started snacking on fruit and reduced the amount of soda I drink drastically. I think my stomach’s starting to expand, because I’ve noticed I’ve been able to eat more.

I’ve also started exercising a little. I can’t really run long distances (although I can jog a little) or do much on my feet yet. Just been doing some basic stuff, mostly upper body. I honestly haven’t exercised much at all the last few years, and it feels great.

Although I am confident in my game, I don’t think playing poker for a living is reaching my highest potential as a human. I suppose everyone is guilty of not reaching their potential, but there’s gotta be something else out there. That said, with EPT’s, WSOPE, and my 21st birthday in a few months, it’s time to get serious. I’m going to be playing poker for a living for at least a couple years. I’m really excited to start traveling and playing the circuit again, and feel very motivated to succeed.

Here’s my tentative schedule:

August: Possibly a VT studio trip, possibly a TS trip.
Sept 8th: Fly to Barcelona.
Sept 10-14th EPT Barcelona.
Sept 15th-October 6th: WSOPE/EPT London
Oct 7th-9th: Fly home, drive to Fallsview
Oct 10th - 16th: WPT Niagara
October 18th: 21st Birthday, $5k at Bellagio
October 20th-25th: WPT Fiesta Al Lago @ Bellagio

There’s also the WCOOP going on while I’ll be in Europe (lets hope I find a stable internet connection), and I’ll probably be at Foxwoods in early November.

Well, I need to get some sleep.

Later guys,

-Adam J

First One in Awhile

Well, if you hadn't noticed yet, my volume for online mtt's has dropped quite a bit over the last year. At times I'll still put in moderate volume, but it usually just ends up being Sunday's. I registered for the earlier daytime Sundays, played pretty well, and took down a small tournament on Bodog.

It's been awhile since I've won an MTT, and even though it was a small tournament (1st was $6k), it feels good. I'm also psyched, because from two tables down to the win I was recording my play for PokerVT. So, that'll be some good content. Stars is running a really sick promotion this week where they're doubling all of their guarantee's, so I might be playing a couple times this week.


They've released some exciting WSOPE news. Including a new bracelet event.

- £1,500 No-Limit Hold'em (9/19)
- £2,500 H.O.R.S.E (9/22)
- £5,000 Pot Limit Omaha (9/24)
- £10,000 World Championship No-Limit Hold'em

EPT Barcelona is Sept 10th - 14th, and the £1,500 WSOPE event is just a few days after Barcelona. Some even better news is that they're broadcasting WSOPE on ESPN this year =). That'll attract more players and make the events more prestigious. Before I head back to Europe I need to make a stop in Vegas to handle some business.



Slowly But Surely…

I guess if you take a look at some of the links on my sidebar, there’s a variety of sites. Well, they used to just links to my friends and some of my favorite sites. Well, since I’m so involved at PokerVT, instead of having a link, they’ve given me a bonus code for the lucky readers of my blog.


If you type “Junglen” (not case sensitive) while registering for PokerVT in the “Promo Code” box (no direct link yet, just the code), you’ll receive 10% off of the initial sign up fee. We’re also currently running a promotion where you receive an additional 60 days free when you sign up. Not too shabby, eh?

——End Plug——–

I’ve been keeping busy outside of poker lately, with it being summer and all. Trying to spend time with friends home from school and such. I still plan on heading to Vegas in a couple weeks to do some work on VT, but besides that I don’t have anything exciting planned for August yet (which may change).



Time Flies

Well, there was no repeat TV appearance for me. I busted in the 3rd level of the HPT $1.5k with Kings against my opponents turned set of 8s. It was a spot I'd go broke in if I found myself there again, so no prob. Congratulations to Danny "KingDan" Smith on winning it for about $100k.

Now, I'm not going to say that this is going to be my last TS trip. However, it's certainly possible it'll be my last time here in awhile. I've got to fly to Vegas and work on PokerVT next month, so I won't be able to attend the July series. August is up in the air, it'll depend on who else is going and how I'm feeling. I honestly can't stand to live at TS for more than 4-5 days though, and the August series was about 10 days last year. Not to mention EPT Barcelona is right around the corner in September. The HPT they announced they were holding a $5k event at Turning Stone on October 18th, my 21st birthday. Which of course is when Bellagio is holding their Fiesta Al Lago series.

When I was in the tournament room this year I noticed many younger faces who I hadn't seen before. There were many players who I felt like I should know, who knew me, and would have entire conversations with me. But at the end, I still would have no idea who I'd just talked to. I still ended up meeting a few cool new friends, and of course had a great time with the old crew of regulars.

The first time I ever came to TS was in 2005. I was a senior in HS and drove up with my friend Bob during Thanksgiving break. It'd be the first of many trips. I'm very fortunate to have had TS (being 18+) as a place to practice and gain experience. Thanks to the TD's and staff in the poker room for always making me feel welcome and hooking me up with a room at the last minute. No thanks to the housekeeping douchebags who kicked Ray out last August, lol.

Guess that's all. I plan on driving home tomorrow with Adam



“Oh, You’re That Guy”

Well, for some reason or another, I find myself back here at Turning Stone for the HPT. Not really sure why, which usually means it's a bunch of small reasons. I guess I don't have anything better to do, and haven't played live poker in a month. I'm also going to be driving back with my friend Adam Shuman, who's tagging along back to Ohio again.

I busted out of the $550 in 33rd yesterday, when 20 paid. At 500/1k/100 I was in the BB holding A4o and had 16.5k or so. The CO opened for 3,000 and I shoved. When it got back to him, he hemmed and hawwed, and eventually made the call. He started the hand with a couple hundred more chips than me, which is also one of the reason's why I jammed A4o there. Regardless, he called off (basically) his entire stack and showed J9s.

I lost the 57/43 or w/e it is and hung out with Randal the rest of the night. During the early-middle stages I built up a stack to around 30k, but could never get much going once we were deep. Even though I built up a stack, I'd say I brought my B-/C+ game, and probably used about 5% of my brain. This isn't a brag or a beat, just a comment on low buy-in live tournaments. Maybe it says something about myself too, idk - but I do plan on being more focused for the $1,500.

During the tournament a lot of people mentioned how they'd seen me on TV for last year's HPT. Hence the title of this blog, I was asked that at least a dozen times by the 35+ crowd. Inevitably, people played differently against me in some spots, which was fine. I hope the person who busted me with J9s told all of his friends =). I'm just joking when I say that, and don't mean any harm or foul on anyone. I have no problem busting out like that.

I slept through today's $750 tournament. Tonight I'm heading to visit my nearby relatives, and tomorrow, I've decided I'm going to give it my all and try to improve on last years finish.

-Adam J
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