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Moving Out

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been keeping busy preparing to move out lately. I get the key to my new place tomorrow, and couldn't be more ready.

I still have a lot of things I need to buy, but I've setup the utilities, and got my own cable guy to hook up my internet and TV the day I move in. I also bought a really nice sofa, some kitchenware and other little things. I'm still debating over whether or not to get a new TV, and there's still a lot of other things I need to buy. It's kind of stressful, but not having money restrictions helps make the process a little more fun.

I'll be sure to post some pictures when I'm all settled.

I've been playing some cash games on some smaller sites lately and have done pretty well. Mostly been playing 2/4 - 5/10NL, and 10/20, 25/50 Capped NL games on FTP. I'm actually unstuck from Australia and have booked a solid winning month. Not exactly how I pictured January, but money's money.

I guess that's it for now.


GG Australia

Well, this trip's sucked.

The 5k HU event went poorly (to say the least). I won game 1 (best 2 of 3), and dropped 2 and 3. Pretty much summarizes the trip. I decided to skip the $2k 6max event (going on right now), and just relax.

I fly out on the 21st around 12:30pm (Australian time), and arrive in LA at 7:30am....on the 21st (lol @ time changes). I'm hangin out in LA for a day, then flying back to CLE on the 22nd.

When I get back home, I'll be pretty busy. I get the key to my new place on the 31st, and haven't bought any furniture yet - so I'll have to get that done. I also have a lot of work to do on the PokerVT. I need to finish up some instructional video's (Most notably is the Sunday Million win), as well as fly out to Vegas to do some work in the studio. The site is on schedule to go live this spring, and I'm very excited to be apart of it.


Frustrating Day

Day 2 of the Aussie Millions Main Event ended up being an extremely frustrating day of poker.

I didn’t play any particular large pots, just lost every single small pot. Every continuation bet raised, my sole 3-bet pf of the day was 4-bet on (folded 99, shown QQ), etc. I just couldn’t get anything going, or catch a break. I dwindled down from 60k to 20k, then during the third level of the day (600/1200/200) I got my stack in with a 7 high flush draw vs. durrr’s king high flush draw to bust out.

Bleh, so much for that.

There’s still the $5k Heads up tournament I’m playing tomorrow (Day 1B), and if I don’t make the finals I’ll probably play the $2k shorthanded too. Hopefully I can salvage a cash and not whiff the Aussie Series. Ugh.

Still have some good friends doing well in the main event, and having a good time overall.


Aussie Millions Day 1

Just a quick note from Australia.

Ended day 1 with 60.4k. High point being near 90k, but spewed some off/ran kinda crappy during the last level. I ended day 1 last year with around 40k, so I'm feeling good about my chances. I'm on a nice little run in these major events - this being my 4th consecutive day 2, all of which I've been able to build stacks in.

I continue tomorrow (I believe 7:30pm EST), blinds will be 400/800/100, average stack being around 45k. We'll likely play down to the money. For a number of reasons, some more obvious than others, I'd really like to go deep in this one. It's going to be the last major I play for awhile, and it was also the first major event I'd ever cashed in. Besides WSOPE, this is probably the biggest event an < 21 year old can win, as far as prestige and such. Pretty much whoever wins becomes the Poker icon of the continent for the year.

Well, that's it from Australia.


Good Times in Australia

Lots of funny anecdotes coming from Australia the last few days.

Guess I’ll start with my roommates antics. Jeff played the $100k buyin tournament here, and with 7 left, (5 paid), and a 1st place finish worth over $1.2mil he was holding the chiplead and playing great. Through an extremely unfortunate turn of events, Jeff ended up busting out in 7th, despite playing great, and not making any clear mistakes.

Well, I haven’t decided if it was a good thing or not, but I wasn’t in the room when he got back from the tournament area. I was hanging out with some friends and came back a few hours after reading that Jeff had went apeshit on the room. So, I walked in, noticed a hole in the wall, a cracked television, and Jeff trying to restore a painting that he’d knocked off the wall.

click to enlarge the image

click to enlarge the image

It’s difficult to justify these action’s, but Jeff’s more than willing to pay for the damages, and considering the circumstances, if there’d ever be a time to go berserk on a hotel room, it’d be after busting out of the biggest tournament/oppourtunity to date. Especially after being in such a commanding position.

Sorry Jeff

Tomorrow’s Day 1A of the Main Event, but I’m playing the 2nd flight. There’s 3 total, so assuming I make it through to Day 2, I’ll have a day off during Day 1C.

On a side note, apparently they’ve released the betting line for the Aussie Millions and I’m picked 8th to win overall, which is kind of cool (Note: There was a link to the sports betting site, but it was taken down once the tournament started. I was picked 125:1 to win). Obviously betting on a single player in a field of 900 - 1000 entrants is ridiculous. I just thought it was cool to be near the top of the line =)

Today I hung out with Paul Wasicka, his girlfriend, Amber, and friend Truman. We donked around a bit at 2/3NL, which was refreshing. Since the stakes were so low, I obviously wasn’t my usual “serious self” at the table, and just had a good time. It’d been a long time since I really played “just for fun” and it helped me remember why I play poker.

Anyways, supposedly Paul’s going to be writing a blog about the numerous, humerous, baffling rules they enforced while we were playing. It seemed like any kind of string bet or drink order was at the discretion of the dealer/waiter, which are constantly changing in the casino environment. Oh well, it should be a good read.

After donking around at 2/3NL (where I booked a $350 profit, so I’m only stuck like $4.7k now, lol), we headed to the Meat and Wine Co. It was just Paul, Amber and myself and as we headed to the bar, while our seating was being arranged, I noticed something….I knew every single person in the bar. I introduced Paul and Amber to a bunch of my friends and then we decided to join their party. There must’ve been 25+ people at the table when we were seated. Some people took some pictures, I’m sure they’ll surface and will be posted later.

The total bill was only $1,200 so we decided to flip for it. I suppose a better term would be, played credit card roulette for the bill. About 7-8 people decided to just pay for the bill and leave, but why pay and leave when you can gamble and get a free meal? I believe 12-13 of us tossed our credit cards in a hat, and we pulled a single card out at a time until the last card in the hat was the unfortunate “benefactor” of the $1,200 bill.

Sorry JCarver, but thanks for dinner.

That’s it for now,

Again, I’ll be playing Day 1B, and if I bust out, I’ll be playing the $5k heads up and $2k 6max NLH that are on later dates.

Thanks for reading,

Adam Junglen
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