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Back Home Safe

Just droppin a quick note to let everyone know that I’ve made it home safe. Happy to report that I didn’t almost die on the drive home, as I did on the way there.

I started driving around midnight. I prefer driving at night as there is less traffic, less sunlight, less stress. No, I don’t have anything against the sun, but it can be annoying when it’s in your eyes for hours. Anyways, I was having some difficulties finding my way out of Canada. I eventually found my way out at the border, but then got slightly lost again on my way to I-90, which is the main road I needed to get on. I asked a gas station attendant for directions, but I still had problems. I had already wasted around 45min driving in circles, so I pulled out my iPhone, which is really what I should’ve done from the start. I looked at the closest street sign.

Delton Rd

So I opened the Google Maps function on my iPhone and typed in “Delton Rd NY” and then my home address. I kid you not, 10 seconds later it loaded with the correct directions, distance, and estimated travel time. The distance/travel time are standard, but I was very surprised to get exact directions after giving such a vague description. All I knew was the closest street sign, the state I was in, and where I needed to go. Didn’t need the city or zip code, and it still gave perfect directions in a timely fashion.

I feel like I just did an Apple commercial.

Good luck to Jeff Garza and Jon Little, who are both friends of mine and still in WPT Niagara. There are 2 tables left (18 players), and they will play down to the TV table (Final 6) on the 1st. Jon’s on a really sick run in WPT events - he already final tabled one last season, won one this season, took 7th in another this season, and he is the chip leader in Niagara. So sick. This is Jeff’s first cash in a major event, despite that he’s definitely one of the best players left int he tournament and I really hope he wins.

That’s all for now, it’s great to be home. Good luck guys.

I Can't Believe I'm Out...

Well, my WPT Niagara run just ended.

I started the day with 33,100 with 30min left in the 300/600/100 level, so I had plenty of room to play. My table draw was pretty great, I didn't have any notable players at my table, and the 2 people that had me covered were either to my right, or across the table.

I believe it was the 400/800/100 level when I was bluffed out of a decent sized pot. I opened to 2,200 with about 30k from MP, got 2 callers behind me, and then the BB called, so I was out of position vs 2 of the 3 opponents. Flop came KK5 with 2 diamonds, I had 7 7. BB checked, I checked, player behind me checked to the button who bet out 4,500. The button was a decent aggressive player and also the big stack at the table. The BB folded, I called, and the player behind me folded. The turn was a black 3. I checked, button bet 16k of my 24k stack. I folded and he showed like 6 high or something. I really considered just sticking it in, but I hadn't played with him long enough to commit that much of my stack. I think calling the flop was marginal and possibly a mistake. I did end up getting a wealth of information when he showed the bluff though.

Just a few hands after I was bluffed out I opened the pot from MP+2 with TT to my standard raise of 2,200. It's safe to assume my opponents will think I'm opening wider here, so I was willing to 4-bet AIPF if someone 3-bet me. I was called in 2 spots, then an older man in the small blind shoves for about 20k total. Online this is a much easier re-shove, but there are a lot of things to think about. My table image was loose and my opponents probably thought I was steaming, but the SB hadn't played too many pots. If you know anything about poker stereotypes, then you know that people over 55 or so "always have it." This was also basically for all of my chips, so I took 2-3 minutes to make my decision. After thinking it through I decided that my opponent was aware of the table dynamic and was squeezing with a wide range. Not to mention there was around 30k in the middle and I had to call another 20k, so I was getting a nice overlay if he had AK.

Well, he had 53o and I doubled up to about 50k. There was a lot to think about with my table image (which always ends up being a puzzle of multiple level thinking for me), the money in the pot, my opponents image/range, etc.

Anyways I was floating around 45k when the next notable hand came up. Blinds were 500/1,000 with a 200 ante. With 3,300 in the pot preflop, and a fairly solid table image (I had folded for awhile after the TT hand), I opened the pot UTG with Q 9 to 2,700. It folded to the button, who was the player who bluffed me earlier. He called, the blinds folded and we went to the flop heads up.

It came down T86 with 2 diamonds, giving me a double gutshot straight draw. I bet out 4,500 into the pot of 12,000. Button minraises me to 9,000, I call. Turn came the Ah. I checked and the button bet 15,000. I decided he was bluffing again, making a bet that made it look like he was committed to the hand. I basically check-minraised allin, shoving for 35k total, 20k more. He folded. Definitely one of the sickest hands I've ever played, but I was very confident he was bluffing again. I mucked and that pot increased my stack to around 80k.

Then, I proceeded to run horrible and never won another pot. I opened a few times, was 3-bet and folded, and with the blinds and ante's costing 3,300 a round it was easy to fold down to around 65-70k.

The next hand I played was when LP opened for 3,300 at 500/1000/200 and I called from the SB with K T and the BB (who had around 40k) called as well. The flop was 7 6 3, giving me 2 overcards and the 2nd nut flush draw. I checked, the BB lead for 6,500 and the CO called. I made my first check-raise of the entire day to 22,000 - effectively committing my opponents. SB called (with 18k behind lol), CO folded. Turn came a red 6. I was obviously putting the rest of my opponents stack in (18k into the pot of 50k+) and he called. I showed my overcards and flush draw....he showed River blanked, and I lose a near 6 figure pot.

Then, out of nowhere a player who was new to the table started berating my play. He was at least twice my age. I just kind of ignored him, but it did bother me a little bit. If you can't tell by now, poor poker etiquette really pisses me off. I had just lost the biggest pot I'd played in the tournament, in an absolutely ridiculous fashion nonetheless, and I gotta hear some clown tell me I played my hand poorly. I just let him talk, because it's apparent he doesn't know math. Most people that read this will know, but for those that don't know, 2 overcards and flush draw are a favorite over his pair on the flop (when most of the money went in).

I was was left 20k and knocked out shortly after. I opened 2 hands later with KK to 2,700 and the button called. Flop came 763 with 2 diamonds. Ended up getting it in vs. 98, 5 on the turn, and I'm busto.

After the hand, the man who berated me earlier says something to the effect of "that's what you get." Without raising my voice I just looked at him and said "What's your problem." He just looked down at the felt and shut his mouth. I'm sure many others would've gone further and maybe gotten into a bigger argument or something, but I learned a long time ago that dealing with people like that just isn't worth it. I shook everyone else's hand with a smile and wished them good luck. As I was leaving the tournament room I could overhear people saying how I was half his age and had twice as much class as he'll ever have.

Poor poker etiquette really gets under my skin. This man was like 40 years old and acted like a 14 year old. Just sitting there with like 10bbs's and had nothing better to do but give me a hard time. Grow up dude. Seriously.

At any rate, I'm very satisfied with how I played. This was my 3rd consecutive Day 2, and I've (at least) 4x'd my starting stack in every single major event I've played. This one was extremely frustrating to lose because of how it went down. Building a big stack then losing two huge pots where I was the favorite on the flop is really annoying. This one stung a bit more because I was feeling really great and was having fun playing. Guess it just wasn't my tournament, w/e.

Well I better stop now before my rant gets too long.


WPT Niagara Day 1B

Not exactly in the blogging mood, but feel obligated to let everyone know how I’m doing here in Niagara.

I made my 3rd straight Day 2, ending up with 33,100 at the end of the day. The starting stacks were 20,000 and blinds started at 25/50 with 90min levels. We played from noon - 12:30am or so, it was a very long day. Day 1C was today, so I had the day off. Tomorrow is Day 2 and blinds will start at 300/600/100, so I still have a playable stack.

The rest of the tournament runs on 9 hour days (including breaks) 12pm - 9pm. As I said during WSOPE, I really love shorter days. I end up getting a bit tired near the end of a 12 hour day. It’s extremely difficult to play great and stay focused for 12 hours, but 9 hours isn’t so bad.

One gripe I do have about this venue is that they don’t allow the use of mp3 players during play. Although I don’t always listen to music while I play, I still use an iPod around half the time. They can definitely be useful. Listening to music helps cure inevitable boredom while playing, helps to maintain focus, and they’re very useful when you run into annoying players that don’t know when to shut up.

That’s basically it for now, here’s to hoping Day 2 goes better than Day 1.


Well, I'm just about to goto sleep, but I'm going to give a quick update before I play tomorrow.

I really didn't do much of anything today - which is very standard for me. I usually just have a nice dinner and relax the day before big events. I ended up going out to dinner with some friends, but that's about it. As usual I'll be getting a good night's rest tonight. I feel really great going into this event, as opposed to WSOPE, where I felt like crap, but still managed to play well and make it fairly deep.

Tworags recently started a new voicemail service. I can call in and leave a message and it will be posted to the site. Well, imagine how useful this will be for live updates during big events. I'm not sure how much or if I'll be using it, but I might give it a test run during this WPT event.

Before I end this post I wanted to say that CardPlayer (not pokernews) will be doing the best coverage for this event.

And....I'm off to sleep,


Made it to Niagara Alive...

This morning I called the Honda Service Center to inform them that my front bumper fell off randomly while backing out of the driveway. They were prompt in responding and were at my house shortly after I hung up the phone. Unfortunately the technician couldn’t service it on site, and they’re going to have to tow it and check it out. I’m thinking it’s a lemon and I’ll be getting a replacement car (probably just the same thing).

Fortunately, my parents left their Corolla for me to drive, so I could still make it to WPT Niagara. I started my journey to Canada in the mid-morning and arrived by noon…and based on what transpired during the drive - I’m very lucky to be breathing.

While driving to Canada I got into an accident that had the potential to be a disaster. Basically, I was driving in a 2 lane highway with another driver to my left. We were both going about 70-75mph, and there was a fair amount of traffic behind us.

I was in the right lane when he decided to switch lanes and merge into me…apparently he didn’t see me. I didn’t even notice it until I saw his car’s door handle 3 inches away from my side view mirror. I quickly swerved to the right, but there wasn’t much room, as there was construction being done. I sped up, and basically tried to get in front of him to avoid a collision, so after tilting right I quickly accelerated and then turned left.

Well, that turned out to be a recipe for doing a 75-mph, 180 degree turn in the middle of the highway. My brain froze as I lost control of the vehicle and found myself helpless. It all happened in a matter of 1-2 seconds and I then found myself in the grass, facing incoming traffic, next to the left lane…I had 180′d across the entire highway without hitting anything.


I have absolutely no idea how there was no collision. I was incredibly lucky enough to land in the grass. I can’t believe the car didn’t flip and I’m not in the hospital. After the car came to a stop, even though I knew I didn’t hit anything it took me a minute to group myself together mentally. I took a drink of water, backed it up and got back on the highway without ever leaving the car.

I finally did get to Fallsview, handling my money over the border wasn’t nearly as difficult as I assumed it would be. I bought in and got my day/seat assignment (still scheduled for the 27th, Day 1B). So far I’m very impressed with Fallsview. The people in charge seem to really know what the players want and act accordingly. Despite the scary incident earlier n the day I’m feeling great about this trip. It’ll be great to hang out with my friends, and I’m really feelin good about this tournament.

That’s it for now, I’ll be relaxin tomorrow, then playing on Saturday the 27th. PokerNews usually has the best coverage, so I’d look there first.
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