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Thanksgiving, and Shaun Donates to My Lasik Fund

A_Junglen Well, Thanksgiving, my Grandmother's 80th Birthday, as well as some poker has been taking place since my last update.

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. I know it's late, and everyone is already thinking about Christmas, but we all have a great deal to be thankful for. I was extremely lucky to be adopted into my wonderful loving family. My entire family has been extremely supportive as I've developed as a poker player and grown into an adult. They've been behind me my entire life, good times, and bad.

Thank you so much.

For Thanksgiving dinner, we had my mom's side of the family over. After dinner we visited with my Dad's side of the family at my Aunt's.

Let me tell you something, it's a lot of fun to play in the major live events and get recognized. Being asked for a picture, interview, or signing an autograph is pretty cool, but I'll tell you what - It's great to be able to come home to my family and friends and just be Adam Junglen. I'm really lucky to be surrounded by a great family as well as a ton of friends, whom I managed to visit over the weekend.

Also this weekend we celebrated my Grandma Marty's 80th Birthday. I can't possibly imagine ever being that old, it's quite a milestone. I'm also happy to report she's in great health and she's still with her husband, (my grandpa) by her side. In fact, both sides of my grandparents are still with us, which is very rare considering my age, and something I certainly do not take for granted.

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

Now, onto other things. I got my new desktop in the mail and it's just....huge. Right now I'm running on a 30in monitor, and another 20in beside in on portrait mode (flipped vertical). it's capable of running more monitors, and I have a spare 20in I'll be using once I move into my new apartment/office.

Several days ago I couldn't sleep, so I decided to play some cash. Usually I play HU SNG's when I'm bored or can't sleep, but I decided to play some 25/50NL. I certainly don't claim to be a long-term winner in the game. I probably should've just played 10/20, but I guess I just felt like gambling.

My opponent and I went back and forth a bit, he was up around a grand for awhile, then I won it back, got even, and then proceeded to stack him in this $10k pot. Pretty sick cold deck, glad I was on the right end of it. Afterwards I ended up playing a few more orbits, but basically ended up hitting and running since I saw Shaun sitting at 25/50 capped, which I'm much more comfortable playing.

Deeb (tedsfishfry) was sitting at the 25/50 capped game and I decided to sit to joke around. Well, he posted immediately and it was quite clear he was willing to play. I obliged and took just under $5k off of him, which is quite a bit when you're playing capped pots.

At 25/50 capped the most you can bet in a single hand is 30bb's, or $1,500 - so he was stacked quite a few times. I believe we broke even in races (my AK < QQ and my 77 > AQ), I managed to get lucky once with A8 > JJ on the 78T flop, but besides that I just straight owned Shaun. I'm not really big on posting HH's, but some of these are just funny, and I know he won't mind. I actually hope he chimes in on some of these.

As I put it, it was a "friendly game."

Remember, they're capped NL hands.

88 > A7

KT > JT - Check/Capping on this board is pretty standard since it's so draw heavy. I was expecting to get called by middle pair.

LOL - This isn't as god-awful as it looks. Shaun raised preflop, made a pair on the turn, called my bet, and then the Ace on the river was just a good card for me to bluff at. Shaun probably thought I was floating OOP with absolute air, or had a King. "The nuts or nothing," and obviously I only play the nuts.

KK > A8s - I guess Shaun thought I had a small pair or weaker Ace....or more likely was just tilting - because I knew he'd call a full capped bet. Shootin fish in a barrel =)

No brag would be complete without a sicko graph, posted below. Trust me, I'll be the first one to tell you I ran hot (specifically vs neverA).

I think Shaun just wanted to pay for my Lasik I'm having on, thanks for the new eyes Shaun!

click to enlarge the image


Anonymous says

Dear Adam, I accidentally deleted your blog from, could you please be so kind to re-submit your blog?
I am SO sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, Dajo
Administrator @


EdmondDantes says

You're gonna LOVE the new eyes!


lakeoffire says

Nice j10 hand!


harlem says

Happy Birthday to your Grandma. I hope I live to be eighty. Its awesome that you were able to spend time with your family and just be Adam as you wrote. Having success with family around just makes it all that much better.


Anonymous says

wtf u doing bragging about a 132 hand run


A_Junglen says

Sigh, guess you didn't read the part where I basically admitted I was -EV in 25/50HU vs neverA (though I'm pretty confident I could beat Deeb at capped lol).

I'm well aware the graph doesn't mean anything as far as my skill, and I made that fairly clear.

I guess I just shouldn't have said anything at all until I had a significant sample size, right?

Give me a break, jesus.


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