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2007 Ends on a Good Note

A_Junglen It could’ve been a better Sunday, but I certainly can’t complain.

Just skimming through my blog I really haven’t played much online poker the last few months. Most of the entries past September (WSOPE) are just about how I got into poker, and my life away from poker. I’ve played a few Sundays and cash sessions, but not anywhere close to the volume I did earlier this year.

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I did play the Sunday major’s. I wanted to get in the poker mindset to prepare for Australia, plus it was the $1k Sunday Million. I ended up playing the 2:30PM EST $5k, 20 man (2 tables), winner-take-all tournament on Stars, and that ended up being the highlight of my day.

When we were 3 handed we agreed on a chop. With 100k in the prize pool, you have to leave 25k to the winner, so with 3 left (ADZ124, Dariominieri, and myself) we agreed on splitting the remaining 75k based on chip count. I believe the amounts were roughly:

Dario: $36k


ADZ: $14k

Dario eliminated ADZ, and I went into heads-up play down 2.5:1. I still felt my chances of winning were reasonable, since I was fairly deep and have played with Dario a fair bit. I ended up getting close to even with him, but shortly after I played a hand pretty poorly and dropping back down 2:1. The final hand involved me turning three of a kind, and then Dario making a fullhouse on the river. He shoved over my river bet, and I honestly should’ve just folded, but if my hand was good then I was back to even against him. If I had folded I would’ve been down 10:1 in chips. I made the crying call and lost. Oh well, still managed to win $25k from the tournament.

The $5k on PS is a new event, and the entire final table’s holecard’s will be exposed in a replay on PokerStars. I definitely played a few hands poorly, 2-3 right off the top of my head, specifically during the start of the FT. During the middle/later stages I thought I played well though.

I didn’t have much luck in any of the other tournaments. I took 56th in the UB major for $600, but that’s it. After concentrating on the $5k for so long I was already burnt out when it ended, and I still had 4 tournaments going. Next time I play it, I’ll probably just single table it or play the Million with it. Certainly not $109’s, lol.

Well that’s all for now. You can expect a lot more poker content/trip reports once I get to Melbourne.

Happy New Year everyone,

Adam Junglen


lakeoffire says

At least you took your piece out of Dario's huge day. Well played! Have a good year in '08.


PJ (Anonymous) says

Good ending to the year. Very nice result. I was watching a bit and was impressed with what I saw. Thought for sure you were going to win. Too bad.


lakong says

Happy New Year!!


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