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A_Junglen Well, it’s officially June. The weather’s starting to get a bit nicer here in Ohio, which is always nice.

I think it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve played the Sunday MTT’s. If I recall correctly, I just didn’t feel like playing one week, and the other week I was busy with some family stuff.

I did play yesterday, although I didn’t have any significant cashes. Heh, I haven’t posted about online mtt results in quite awhile. Back when I first started blogging, Sunday MTT’s were all I blogged about.

I managed to build stacks in most of the major’s, but as per usual, I was left frustrated and disappointed. I ended up losing back to back coinflips in the Sunday Mulligan on FTP with around 40 left. In the PS Warm-Up I built up to around 250k and then proceeded to get cold-decked and busted near 150th place (3,000+ entrants, 1st paid > $100k).

I think I broke even overall on the day…*shrug*


This weekend I’m going to be heading to TS with a couple local friends. Just a short weekend trip, but I’m sure it’ll be a fun time. I’m aware TS is running an HPT Series later in June, and there’s a decent chance I’ll be back again for that as well.

We’ll see though, I might end up in Vegas to visit some people during the WSOP.

Well everyone, I’ve been awake for around 20 hours straight and am about ready to pass out.


-Adam Junglen


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