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Hope it was a good trip overall.


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busted LAPC ME

nath I won my first pot at showdown of the entire tournament at the 200/400/50 level. Then the next level I screwed up PF when gbecks opened 1800 in the CO and Fred Goldberg called the button. I had 66 in the BB and should have made it 7800 like my first instinct told me to; instead I flat called. Led 4k on a 432cc flop and gbecks called; when he shoved 2x pot on the 9d turn I thought it through and decided some sort of combo draw was his most likely hand and called. No, he had A5. The 6 turn just added insult to injury.

Just another painful reminder that one mistake is all it takes.

I'll probably play some cash for the next few days and then take off. Lingering around after a bustout is no fun.

edit: I had about 25k on my bustout hand.

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