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lakeoffire says

What part of Houston are you from Nath? I am also from Houston.


nath says

Well, I moved to Houston for college, so I've always lived either in the Rice U / Med Center area or around Shepherd / Montrose.


Mr_Taterhead says

Spend time with family and friends Poker will always be there.

Do you ever go over to Lake Charles to play any live poker?


nath says

When I was there more frequently, and in my earlier poker days, I would occasionally play 5/5 NL at the Isle of Capri, but it's been a while. When I was playing it it was 300 max; I've heard it's been bumped up to 500 since then but haven't verified it.

I'll probably go at least once while I'm here. I usually just prefer to play online, though, because the Isle game isn't that big.


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been a while since i wrote

nath Sorry for that, but I was in the middle of getting things together to leave Las Vegas. I wasn't playing much poker anyway, so there wasn't really anything interesting to report.

I flew out of Las Vegas Friday night and returned to Houston. I haven't been in a couple of months and thought I'd see some friends; however, many of the people I knew here are now gone, and not that many of the other people know I'm here. And I lost my phone in Las Vegas, so I didn't have any of my numbers when I replaced it. So I'm just sort of bumming around... I have a few books, perhaps I'll read them while I'm here.

I played most of today, but I wasn't feeling well and I had commensurate results in the Sunday tournaments. I can't really identify specific plays I thought were bad, but in general things just didn't break my way-- I lost all the races that were for big chunks of my stack; I made a couple of moves with light holdings at people who were playing too aggressively, and they happened to have hands each time.

Sundays don't seem to agree with me.

I think I'm going to take a few days off from poker while I'm in Houston. I can play poker anywhere, but I should be using this time to visit the friends I still have in this city, go to my favorite places, etc. In a few days I'm going to visit my family, and while I don't prioritze poker over them, they're all early risers and I'm not so I should have plenty of time by myself to play.

When I play again, I'm going to be playing more cash games than I had previously done. The high variance in tournaments can be frustrating, and the nature of living by the big score encourages being lavish or wasteful with the money when it does arrive. (This certainly wasn't helped by living in Las Vegas, surrounded by plenty of people willing to party and gamble and plenty of establishments ready to take as much of your money as you'll let them.)

I want to, at the least, always be able to make a consistent living from this. And that just won't happen through tournaments. There's more money in cash, and if I keep the discipline to play at stakes I can beat and afford until I have the bankroll and experience needed to move up, I think I can be pretty successful at this.

We'll see either way, eh?

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