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lakeoffire says

I can't tell you anything that you don't already know, but I can remind you of what you do know. You're a great tournament player. Just win your seats cheaply and take down another nice score (cheaply). Get a little confidence back and get your money in good. Things will turn around and then attack the larger cash games(this is the speech I gave myself). Good luck Nath
Mr Unemployable Skills


Swami54 says

If you're willing to divulge...what's your cake screen name?


Landlord79 says

I'm with you Nath, after posting my best month ever in August, i'm immediately down 8+ buyins and have really cut down on my playing time to avoid some of this variance. After reviewing hands w/ BJJIII, he's reassured me that it's just variance, but man it sucks to be on this end of the stick. Let me know what you can find to pull you out of it.


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a really frustrating day

nath I was looking at desktops online and talking to Adanthar when he mentioned the $200 turbo at 5 PM and the $100 satellite to the $1k at 5:30 (both on Full Tilt). I entered them, won the seat into the 1k, so I decided to play poker tonight.

I busted that and the 100k in typical fashion (squeeze with a big pair, run into a bigger one-- yes, in both tournaments). I still had the urge to play, so I sat in at 3/6 NL HU on Cake and waited.

And then I dropped $1800 over the course of 80 minutes. At one table. Most of it to a guy who was cover-your-eyes awful but coolered me three different times. If I don't lose KQ to TT on a 77TKQ board in a reraised pot, or 88 to AA (vs. a guy who instacalled a 4 bet shove with A2o), or JT to K9 on a 99KQ board, then maybe things are different.

I obviously overestimated the importance of that first winning day; as it turns out, that's been my only winning day in the past month. Now, I haven't been playing much at all, but stuff like this is discouraging. I'm trying to rebuild my bankroll, and become a consistent winner, and all the progress I had made on that front has been erased, and then some, in the last month.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm not even sure what games I can beat at this point, since everything I've done up until now can more or less be chalked up to variance.

I think I'm still capable of winning-- and I need to be, what with no other employable skills-- but something has been missing lately.

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